Stalked: Katarina Rayburn, Yoga Teacher and Founder, Wild & Rayburn Retreats

8 December 2016

I discovered the lovely Katarina on instagram when I was looking for the yoga retreat with a difference and that is when I stumbled across 'Wild & Rayburn' founded by Katarina and a friend, they offer fantastic yoga tuition in stunning locations. Then I got rather hooked on Katarina herself, her instagram profile is definitely one to follow -there's no doubt she is a truly inspirational yogi!

Another reason I had to stalk this lovely lady is because as you will discover, she has done and achieved something which many of only wish we could have the guts to do, her story is one to inspire all of us to jump into unknown terrority and do something we love in life!

How did you get into yoga and decide to forge a career in it? 

I got into yoga by being taken to a power yoga class by a friend, i'd dabbled in a bit of yoga whilst at drama school but never got into it until I went to this Power yoga class. The dynamic style of practice really got me hooked. I went from practicing once a week, to getting a yoga studio membership and practicing 5 times a week. I then went to India travelling for a few months and tried many styles of yoga and by the time I returned the idea of doing a teacher training came about. It came at the perfect time in my life when acting work had started to slow down my love for yoga just got more and more. The following year I went back to India and did my first yoga teacher training and since then I've been back to do 3 more.

What do you love about your job and what's next in your yogi journey?

I love that fact that I can make a difference to people's lives with yoga, whether its just giving them an hour of solace away from their every day stresses or whether its introducing them to a completely new way of life. I also love the fact that I can travel around the world with yoga, hosting retreats or attending different trainings. It's a very liberating career and you meet the most amazing people! My next plan is to open a yoga studio and cafe with my friend Mim, who took me to that first power yoga class.

Where do you love to stretch, shop, and eat in London? 

My favourite yoga studios to practice in are Yogarise in Peckham which is where I had my first yoga membership and Indaba in Marylebone. My favourite yoga brands are Reebok and sweaty betty. I'm vegetarian so I love going to any of the Mildred's restaurants, Wild Food Cafe in covent garden and Albion Counter cafe in Shoreditch has a great Salad bar at lunchtime.

How would you recover after a more dynamic yoga session?

After a dynamic yoga session I recover by taking a nice long savasana and refuelling on my favourite food and if I really feel like I've been working my body hard for while I'll treat myself to a massage.

Five items you can't live without?

I couldn't live without my bike, my yoga mat, my passport, nuts in all their forms (coconuts, butters, milks...) and dark chocolate!

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