Emily Spriggs, Yoga Teacher

29 November 2017

Emily caught my eye a while back, her beautiful form and practice looks like it originates from a Degas painting and her lovely soft approach makes for a truly lovely class.. 
Before becoming a yoga instructor, Emily trained and worked as a professional ballet and contemporary dancer. She has performed all across Europe appearing in a number of company performances and projects, fashion and music videos. This is another one of London's great teachers, teaching at studios such as the famous Triyoga, I caught up with her to find out how she started and what makes her tick.

Do you remember the first time you practiced and what brought you to the world of yoga?

I do, I was living in Eastbourne with my parents because I was working as a professional dancer and as a result couldn’t afford to live in London. I felt so lost and disconnected from who I was at the time and I was putting so much pressure on myself. I started taking class at a tiny studio called the Yoga Life Studio which could only fit six people in it. Taking yoga classes allowed me to tune in to my body and myself again. When you are dancing you are always focused on pushing your body in a competitive environment to perform, whereas yoga allowed me to be kind to my body and look after it. I think that is so important, I really tuned in to who I was and what I wanted, not what other people expected or wanted from me.

What are your favourite studios in London?

The Camden Triyoga studio is one of my favourites, it has such a great energy, and the studios are so nice to practice in, they have great food from the Nectar cafe, and I love using the infrared sauna after class.

What advice would you give anyone about becoming a teacher?

Go for it! We all have something special to give and teaching yoga can be a beautiful way of sharing yourself with others. You will learn so much about yourself during your teacher training as well.

How have you seen the yoga industry develop in the past few years?

Yoga has grown so quickly and there are so many studios and teachers out there now, some people think it dilutes the essence of yoga and I can see how in some ways it has, but I think that the increase in its accessibility is a great way for more people to find their own practice in their own way. Whether thats because they like the fashion or social aspect of it, I don’t think matters. If it brings someone to practice yoga then I think that, that is what is important.

What’s your wellness tip?

Don’t over complicate things. Eat real food. Simplify. Move your body. Breathe. Sleep.

5 items you can’t live without?

I think I could live without most things, apart from a kettle because I love tea so much and I probably drink at least twenty cups a day.

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Adam Husler, Boxer Come Yoga Teacher

13 November 2017

This week I'm very pleased to be bringing you all one of my favourite male yogi's who I avidly follow on instagram, Adam Husler. Boxer come yoga teacher, Adam has been practicing for over 8 years, and some would say is one of London top yoga teachers, teaching at the big studios such as Triyoga and Indaba. As well teaching he works with big brands such as Adidas, Boys of Yoga, Harrods and OHMME. I caught up with Adam for a walk along the Chelsea Embankment and regardless of the cold temperatures we nattered for over an hour about how his life changed from super physical forms of pushing his body to the beauty of yoga...

Philipp Schälli, Yogi

23 October 2017

Some of my regular followers will know that this blog consists mostly of yoga and well-being professionals, but this post profiles an incredible yogi who decided not to make a career in yoga, even though he's practiced for 10 years and done teacher training! I met Philip on the yoga retreat that I attended back in the summer, his level of yoga was incredible so I decided to delve deeper into his past and journey into yoga. If you're anything like me, self practice I struggle with, but this was exactly how Philip became the expert that he is now...

How did you get into yoga and what effect has this had on your life?

I started Yoga more than 10 years ago when I bought an introductory Asthanga Yoga book from John Scott. I then self-taught myself Yoga with books and YouTube for 4 years. As a student I couldn’t afford fancy classes and all the free resources available were more than enough to keep me going. For me Yoga is a great way to disconnect and to focus my thoughts on movements, breath and balance. Having established a self-practice allows me to take that “break” whenever and wherever I need it.

What was the reason you did your teacher training and what type of yoga did you train in?

After university and before my first full-time job I had a few free months and I thought a Yoga teacher training would help me lift my self-practice to the next level. My teacher training was in Dharmasala, India and I trained in Hatha Yoga with Vinyasa influences. The experience was great it helped me to develop an understanding of Yoga anatomy, allowed me to lift my practice to the next level and got me comfortable with teaching and adjusting people. I also met friends who I am still in touch with today. I have not taken up teaching professionally since, but there are always opportunities to teach small groups of friends or colleagues which I really enjoy.

Favourite type of yoga nowadays?

Today I prefer challenging flow classes with opportunities to practice my inversions. I also enjoy longer workshops that focus in on specific parts of the practice.

Where do you sweat, stretch and eat in London?

My favourite ways to sweat these days are training with Clem, Velocity with Ben and Pace with Carl at Core Collective. I enjoy the diversity of workout options at Core and the great espresso afterwards. As far as Yoga is concerned I am a regular at the classes with Jamie and to keep progressing in my own practice I go to workshops at Indaba Yoga. I am a passionate cook so most of my eating is at home with loads of salad and protein. For the occasional cheat meal you can’t go wrong with pizza at Homeslice, a selection of starters to share at Social Eating House or a full French meal at Gastronhome prepared by some of the best passionate self-financed chefs in London.

What's been your favourite yoga retreat that you've been on?

Given I have been to two retreats so far so it is difficult to answer that question. A retreat can be a great opportunity to develop your practice and new skills. However it’s important that you know the teacher you are going with well, that you get a good feeling for the group and make sure the level fits with yours.

Five items you can't live without?
This is a difficult question, which is why I cut it down to three:

1) My Journals – I am keeping journals since 10 years and they are one of my most prized possession as they allow me to look back at my past goals and aspirations and always keep me honest.

2) Podcasts – Given the London commutes and the travelling involved in my work no better way to stay informed about what is happening in the world and to explore new topics.

3) Espresso – Dark, No Sugar.

Nicola Peters, The New Yoga Teacher On The Block

4 October 2017

I've known Nicola for many years when we used to work at the same fashion brand. In fact, this lovely lady was one of the very first featured on the blog back in 2011. This will be her third time featured, but this time for a very different reason. Since the days of stalking fashionistas on the street the blog has grown in a different direction and taken the road of  all things mindful. Similar to my blog, Nicola has taken the same road and has just qualified as a fully fledged professional yogi! I caught up with her to find out what it's actually like to be a new teacher and what the teacher training was like. If you're anything like me and have been thinking about taking the course you will find this interview with Nicola particularly interesting!

How did you get into yoga and do you remember your first class? 

Classic story - I was starting my own company and super stressed to the point I became ill, a friend introduced me to yoga and I was hooked immediately! At first some of the classes were too spiritual for me and the place I was in at the time, so Power Yoga was my go to, now I love all types - the more spiritual the better ;-) One of my first classes that I remember was a 75 min Power Yoga class, the pace was so strong I remember at the end I sat up said out loud "what the f*ck was that?!" haha

Why did you decide to do your teacher training and would you recommend it to anyone thinking about it? 

I believe that the universe leaves you little signs, coincidences and other types of signposts if you choose to follow them. There was a lot happening that made my path keep crossing with the Frame Academy course at the start of this year and I just felt it was something that I was being guided to do - turns out it was exactly where I needed to be. I can't recommend training to become a yoga teacher enough, whether you are interested in becoming a teacher or not the learnings and self growth along the way are experiences that money or jobs could never buy, cliche but it is life changing. 

How has it been since graduating as a teacher? What are you working on now? 

Awesome. Crazy. Scary. I have been fortunate enough to have great yogis, friends and teachers around me from the start so it's been nothing but fun and love so far! I joined Sunday School Yoga straight away and have benefitted from the outstanding community and support that Michael James Wong has created. Working on a couple of projects to bring my past experiences in the tech world to yoga and mindfulness at the moment.

Where do you sweat, breathe and eat in London? 

Sweat at Frame, Breath at Mudra Stoke Newington, Eat at Morito Hackney.

Five items you cant live without? 

Sad but true - my iphone, iphone battery case, meditation app Headspace, sunglasses, concealer.

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In Love With Wanderlust

25 September 2017

On Saturday London was graced with the arrival of the first ever Wanderlust festival, a renowned mindfulness event comprising of a 5k run, yoga and mediation. My regular followers may have seen that my latest interview was with the wonderful Julie Montagu, who was the main headline act at the festival, directing over 400 yogi's in the middle of Victoria Park.  Julie was accompanied on stage by other much loved yogi's including Celest Pereira, Jaime Tully, and Mono-Lisa Godfrey. Following a fabulous 90 minutes of yoga, the mediation started with the wellness warrior himself; Michael James Wong

Even if you're not yogi and are more of a runner you can just go for the 5K run and then just dive into the delicious food at the festival, the likes of Bel Air  with delicious Ozone coffee and mouth watering salads to healthy beans, avo and brown rice with a Mexican flare at other food stalls.

Following the main events the afternoon was packed full of every type yoga from Aerial, Acro to Dharma Wheel yoga. 

Wanderlust will be back next year and watch this space because I will be interviewing the guys behind Wanderlust GB soon on the blog... so stay tuned!

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