Stalked: Josemaria Solanes, Fashion Photographer and Filmaker

Posted on Thursday, 3 September 2015

I can't describe what it was like photographing one of my newly favourite fashion photographers, the word intimidating doesn't fit the suit, because Josemaria is far from that. His incredible energy and fun personality was the most difficult thing to capture... but I think I got it!!

Josemaria started out as a photographer for Storm Model, after graduating with an MA in film making he has since worked on numerous international campaigns and fashion editorials. I caught up with him to find out more about his personal projects and what he is working on now. I think you will all agree this could be the next Mario Testino!!

What drew you to a career in fashion photography? 

It was during my last semester of the MA on film direction at the London Film School when I realised there was something wrong with me. I was spending way too much time with the actresses’ styling and ended up frustrated because I realised it wouldn't make sense with the character she was playing that she were wearing certain looks. I would repeat takes on 35mm stock because her hair didn’t look right. Coincidently or not at that time I had a brief professional encounter with Mario Testino that gave me the chance to take seriously fashion photography.
I guess it’s all my mothers’ fault; I remember her dragging us to the airport while on holidays in an island just to get a copy of the new issue of Italian Vogue and French ELLE. No wonder why now I have an obsession with ELLE covers of the 80’s and the Peter Lindbergh stories of the 90's in Vogue.

Stalked: Roy Kersten, Fashion Designer

Posted on Tuesday, 1 September 2015

I stumbled across Roy Kersten lately, an emerging fashion designer based in London - I loved his use of feminine silhouettes and minimalist designs. I caught up with him to find out more about his latest collection.

Why did you decide to be a fashion designer? 

I love the idea of enhancing women's beauty by making intricate yet elegant looking designs.

Stalked: Olya Stelmakhova, Founder & Designer OSTEL

Posted on Tuesday, 25 August 2015

One of the ways I look for emerging designer is through the wonderful world of Instagram.. this is where a lot of young designers and brands are promoting themselves and even selling collection through instead of wholesale. Recently I stumbled across Ostel, a Ukrainian designer who starting her brand 3 years. In 2014 Olga presented her  SS15 collection ‘Surf your life’  in Paris, and during Fashion Week Middle East in Dubai and Ukrainian Fashion Week. I loved her unique styling and designs so she was a must stalk for Style StreetStalker!!

Why did you decide to get into fashion?

I like to design everything, if I wasn't fashion designer maybe I could be furniture designer)

At first I liked to design clothes for my self and my friends, then I started to sell it via my on-line shop. I decided that fashion business is easy but now I understand it is not) My first serious fashion step was on Fashion Scout at Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days. It was exiting moment.

I am not big fashion fan, I just transfer my inspirations, my thoughts into clothes. The main my principle is to create unique differ staff, not mass market.

Stalked: Max Tan, Fashion Design

Posted on Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Think androgynous meets soft geometrical, this intriguing designer I stumbled across recently experiments with unique cuts merged with simplicity. Max conjures up silhouettes that conceal the wearer's form, creating a new shape altogether. I caught up with him over email for the meantime until he pays us a visit in London!

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

I guess a big part of it is attributed to my mother who is a seamstress. I grew up surrounded with fabrics, paper papers etc. I think being exposed to the technical aspect of garment making first rather than fashion has also influenced the way I design. 

Stalked: Talia Cansiz, Emerging Fashion Designer

Posted on Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The lovely Talia is another designer I met at graduate fashion and the last of my GFW darlings.. I loved her final collection.. think Sports Lux !

 What do you love about designing?

I love that designing, particularly in Fashion, combines art and function. I feel lucky to work in an industry that I love and which appreciates creative minds. I always strive to problem solve, so working towards a market and a purpose is what drives my designs. Seeing my work in the flesh or spotting it in store is really rewarding.

Stalked: Chloe Smith, Graduate Fashion Designer

Posted on Monday, 10 August 2015

 Another one to watch fresh out of college is Chloe Smith, with her very cool final show of mystical creatures and houndstooth....

What do you love about designing?

I enjoy seeing what I have sketched brought to life and become something wearable. It's the whole process from start to finish really, the creativity and freedom to make anything I want! It's such a great feeling when someone asks where your clothes are from and the answer is 'I made it'. I'm really looking forward to seeing people on the street wearing my designs in the future.

Stalked: Emerging Fashion Designer, Chu Wang

Posted on Monday, 3 August 2015

Please may I introduce you to another of tomorrows big designers, Chu Wang, a recent graduate who I discovered at Graduate Fashion Week and absolutely adored his stunning designers, drawing on his Chinese upbringing. I caught up with him to find out more about his collection and whats next..

What do you love about designing? 

I am always inspired by a multitude to things from a location to architecture to photography and even a piece of plain paper. I like to combine 2D work from different media and develop it into 3D.

Stalked: Annamarie Sabo, Jewellery Designer, La Corza

Posted on Thursday, 30 July 2015

Recently I was introduced to the very talented Annamarie Sabo, the jewellery designer behind La Corza; “Inspiration is never the question,” says Annamarie. “It’s really finding ways to channel that inspiration, to decide which lines to follow and how far, that is my challenge.” I caught up with her to find out why she loves designing and what tips she has for young emerging designers...

How did you get to where you are now and what do you love about jewellery design? 

When you start with nature as your inspiration, you are never at a loss for ideas. I literally fill my sketchbooks with ideas when I'm out traveling and then begin the lengthy process of seeing which designs speak the loudest, or demand to be made. My first cactus cuff bracelet happened that way, by seeing the interior skeleton of a preserved cactus while I was hiking through the desert. That architecture that was revealed, the fine network of veins that once carried the life force of that magnificent plant, struck me as an amazing pattern. From there I began seeing the shape of a bracelet wrapped around my wrist, as if it were carrying that same energy back into my body. That was years ago and I am still refining that design with many different variations.

I design for both women and men, and that is one La Corza's strengths, I think. I love seeing my designs on people from people who look different from one another but share something within, a certain strength and certainty. I'm thrilled that my pieces look as stunning on Conchita Wurst as they do on an NFL football player or someone as iconic as Alicia Keys or Alexa Chung. I design for individuals who want to stand out.

Stalked: Johnny Wang Emerging Designer, BCollide

Posted on Thursday, 23 July 2015

You may remember I previously blogged about these guys in February this year when they were manically preparing for London Fashion Week, well now things are slightly calmer I’ve got them back on the blog for you all to meet them properly!! Please may I introduce one of my favourite emerging fashion brands, BCollide, headed up by the talented Johnny Wang.

This time we caught up in his studio in Soho with a glass of wine to talk about how he’s developing his brand and what is coming next..

BCollide is still very young, how are you building your brand at the moment?

We’ve been very fortunate and grateful for all the support given by CFE, BFC, SANE Communications, and Touba London, which guided us building the brand from scratch with a well informed background knowledge. In the studio, we work extremely hard on designs and product development. Outside the studio, our wonderful PR and sales are working their magic to help grow brand exposure and stockists. However, we are at the moment an intimate team, and believe in building the brand one step at a time so we can grow together with our audience and ensure creating worthwhile designs for them.

What's you're brand ethos?

Actually you (Style StreetStalker) are a really good example of what BCollide represents. A young professional living and working in a city like London needs good design that helps generate interesting conversations and doesn’t interrupt her daily routine at the same time. All of our ideas are executed with our customer in mind. The product needs to be beautifully constructed and finished, easily cared for, and effortlessly incorporated into any existing wardrobes.

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Stalked: Megan Clinch, Emerging Lingerie Designer

Posted on Monday, 20 July 2015

Lingerie is one of those items which I always find I can justify spending the money on and I’ve always been slightly obsessed with this particular (under) garment. I remember my first internship was with the well known luxury lingerie shop Myla and there was something I enjoyed about organising their huge press samples cupboard full of sexy negligĂ©e and crotch-less panties!!

So for a while I’ve been on the search for an emerging lingerie designer to get on the blog, finally I found her at Graduate Fashion Week, please may I introduce, Megan Clinch...

Why did you decide to specialise in lingerie design? 

I never even considered doing lingerie before university, I knew I wanted to work in fashion but had no idea what I wanted to specialise in. It wasn't until we started learning about lingerie/swimwear in second year which led me to decide that is what I wanted to do! I chose to create swimwear in my second year and then moved into lingerie for the third and fourth years after interning at a lingerie company in my placement year. I've really loved it ever since I started it in second year, and am definitely glad I've chosen this path.