Stalked: Yael Cohen, Milliner, Justine Hats. Tel Aviv

2 February 2016

So I've always had a thing about hats and especially finding a brand that thinks outside the box with traditional hats. I recently stumbled across the lovely designer Yael, who is the brains and talent behind the Tel Aviv based brand Justine Hats. 

Why did you decide to get into fashion?

I have always work between  the lines of design, art & fashion using unique & non-conform connections of concept, shape & materials. l  like the connections  between body - design - craft, and i find in millinery all what i look for - handmade technique, creative, body, design process, verity of materials.

What is your latest collection about?

A / W 2016 Collection – Queen Must Surrender 
The Queen Must Surrender winter collection of Justine Hats combines images from the classic war games where pawns, knights & rooks would wage ongoing wars & images from the nature which also is characterized by ongoing wars of survival. 

Describe your typical day as a designer?

2 cups of coffee at the morning in front of the computer while  doing some marketing work or looking for now inspiration, and then i start work at my studio on reservation i got from my online shop and from shops all over the world - wet and stretch the felt on wooden blocks, stitching and sewing, packaging orders never ends...good for me...

I like to refer to a hat as a three-dimensional sculptural object that defines and characterizes the identity of the person wearing it. I noticed that most people who wear hats are people with a unique and individual personality.

What inspires you?

everything! I design by walking around, looking around, watching, and feeling. Sometimes I feel like my thinking is like a drawing into my head.

Five items you can't live without?

classic oxford shoes
leather jacket i buy 5 years ago in a vintage shop in Paris
My red sunglasses and red lipstick
great jeans Levis

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