Stalked: Majo Rey Emerging Lingerie Designer

28 January 2016

I don't know about you but theres something about simple lingerie which has always caught my eye, the beauty of a fine black mesh or silk on smooth skin. Majo Rey's latest collection got me doing a double take at her lookbook, I loved her contrast between sport luxe and that beautiful feminine feel with delicate mesh. Majo Rey is a bit of a cool one, while starting up her own label she became a DJ and model, she now is designing full time but her past experiences you can still see in her inspirations and journal.

i caught up with her about the brand and her latest collection. 

 Why did you decide to get into fashion?  

I did not find anything that I felt comfortable with, so I was asking someone to create my own clothes, for me to wear. Then I realize, when people look at my look they loved what I was wearing. So I decided I would like to start fashion...

Stalked: Elisa Sanna, Emerging Fashion Designer

25 January 2016

I recently stumbled across the talented Elisa Sanna, an Italian born fashion designer who started her career in fashion through the world of tailoring at a very young age and this has stayed with her ever since. Her 2016 collection represent elegant women who embrace their femininity with the clothes that they wear. I caught up with her to find out more about this exciting designer and whats in store.

What is your latest collection about?

For this collection I decided to use natural fibres, like nettle, soie, hemp and silk. The collection represents the woman in her all sensuality and elegance. Is a ultra feminine collection, that emphasised the shapes of the body. It is made for a woman sure of herself, that loves quality and that loves unique and research dresses. 

Back To Basic Stalking: The Shirt

13 January 2016

I stalked this little lady back in the summer and as SS16 kicks in properly I have to admit I'm rather loving the crisp white shirt and linen shirt dresses at the moment. Cos has a beauty at the moment that can be worn in multiple ways! Check it out here. Worn with jeans or smarter pencil leg trousers its the perfect wardrobe essential!

Stalked: Danielle Colen, Emerging Fashion Designer, Waltz

11 January 2016

Recently I stumbled across the very cool brand, Waltz, an San Francisco based womenswear line founded by designer and pattern-maker Danielle Colen. The brand focusses on a topic which I am very strongly against in our fashion industry today and what we call 'fast fashion'. Danielle started her brand in 2014 in response to the fast-changing, trend-driven fashion landscape and our overcomplicated modern lives, the brand is about paring down to essentials. Waltz creates classic, timeless staples that allow women to simplify and streamline their wardrobes. The brand is committed to sustainability through long-lasting, quality-made garments and most of all supports ethical manufacturing in the US. 

As well as the brand having an excellent ethos the clothes are utterly divine I think you will agree!

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

I got a late start in fashion. I always loved clothing, but I didn't touch a sewing machine until after college! My mom didn't sew and neither did any of my friends. I was always artistic though, and I knew I wanted to pursue a creative career. Initially I wanted to be an artist – a photographer – but after doing that for a while, the fine art world started to feel too insular and academic. I wanted to return to what I loved on a gut level, and that was fashion. Once I started taking classes in draping and patternmaking, I fell completely in love with the construction process. For me, fashion is a perfect blend of creative and technical thinking.   

Stalked: Caroline Elenowitz, Emerging Fashion Designer. Caroline Z.

4 January 2016

With another New Year Eve passed I'm already thinking onto the next, I found this brand recently and too late to get one of her amazing dresses, next year though I think I'll be planning the party around the dress!! 

The very beautiful brand, Caroline Z, was founded in 2015 by Caroline Elenowitz. Using luxury textiles and couture techniques, Caroline Z. creates cocktail dresses and evening gowns to fit any client. 

Why did you decide to get into fashion?

My path into fashion was an unexpected one, even for me. When I was actually an English major in college and when I graduated, I started working in digital PR (not for fashion). Somehow, during that time I just started doing more and more research on fashion and design and all of my previous interest in art and design suddenly fell into place and I knew I wanted to really give fashion a go. It wasn't until I was at FIT studying fashion design that I let myself totally fall in love with it-- the more I learned about fashion the more excited about it I became! I still try to learn more about fashion every day. 

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