Kat Rayburn, Founder of Kindred Yoga

23 July 2018

My last post of this gorgeous lady was a year ago when I interviewed her. She was back then teaching, putting on fabulous yoga retreats and talking about opening her dream studio.. one year later .... She's done just that! 

Along with her soon to be husband, Julian, the duo jumped straight in and opened their dream studio in Deptford, Kindred Yoga. Anyone who follows the yoga scene in London would have noticed 'that' wall pop up all over instagram! The studio with it's beautiful pinks, coppers, greens with industrial stone thrown in is a delight. There is no excuse these days for a skanky yoga studio, and this is the opposite, Kindred is the creme of all high designed spaces, you'll love it and so will your insta feed!!!

I adore Katarina, her classes are honestly incredible (hard but fab) and her attitude is so warm and infectious that you want to be around her all the time. I was itching to get her on the blog for a follow up mini interview to find out more about the studio. 

 Katarina and Julian

When was the moment you and Julian decided to start a studio of your own and is there a story behind the name? 

We decided just over two years ago. 

I had been running my own classes in our local community church hall for a while and Julian was always there with me, helping me set up and meeting everyone that came. These classes fast became the most rewarding classes to teach. I really got to know everyone that came and in some cases formed life long friendships. I witnessed people go from never having done yoga before to doing their yoga teacher training, it was incredibly inspiring for me.

We started to think about ways in which we could evolve and be able to offer more yoga to a growing community of yogis. Coupled with the fact that Julian was uninspired with his office job, joining forces and opening a yoga studio seemed like the dream situation.

We spent a while trying to come up with a name, brainstorming lots of possible ideas, then Jules came up with Kindred. We wanted our name to really represent community, family and a welcome environment for people to come together, we feel this name portrays that perfectly, Kindred, we are all kindred spirits.

What are your morning rituals (if any) or daily?

Coffee, Yoga, Bircher

What are one to three books that have greatly influenced your life? Or you just love! 

It's a little cliche I know, but reading Shantaram represents a very poignant time in my life when Jules and I went travelling around India. This was when my love affair with India began (i've been back 3 times since) and when my love for yoga really started to blossom, I could see a future in yoga beyond my acting career.

What others say about Kat:
“Kat is a fabulous teacher; even though my practise was still beginner I always felt included and she really helped me gain confidence.”— SARAH, LONDON

A studio visit to one of her classes in a must, also it helps that the studio is divine!

For her first interview: here.
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