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12 February 2018

There are some people you come across in life that their lives sparkly with the route they have taken with their careers, and Natasha is one of these people. Russian born, Natasha originally came from a career in marketing and sales for cosmetic and fashion companies such as, L'Oreal, Clarins, Diane von Furstenberg and trend forecasting agencies like WGSN, her world now couldn't be further away from this. 
Natasha’s yoga journey started 15 years ago when she took her first yoga class in Moscow, since then she was practising with many great teachers around the world. She has taught in studios from London, Canada and most recently in Sri Lanka. 

I caught up with Natasha before she jetted off again ..

Do you remember the very first time your practised yoga and how did you bring it into your life?

I would say I started to practice the physical aspect of yoga way before I knew what it is. The story began from looking through the book about yoga which for whatever reason we had at home when I was a kid, I'm not even sure I could read at that time but I was fascinated by the pictures.

Growing up I always liked to be active and experiment with the shapes I can create with my body. And somehow physical culture in Russia is inspired by yoga. Shoulder stand or a wheel pose is something which every Russian kid could do.

When I started to attend yoga classes I was ready to explore the spiritual part and my trips to India, which is one of my favourite places in the world, definitely contributed to my interest in yoga. It's never been just a simple workout for me. The more I did yoga, the better I felt, the more I wanted to do it.

How did you find yourself in Sri Lanka with yoga at Jasper House and what's the best thing about your job?

Over a year ago my adventurous spirit and love for the sun and the ocean brought me to Sri Lanka. I started to teach yoga in a wonderful place called Talalla Retreat, which very quickly became to feel like home. I came back last year and ended up extending my stay and teaching yoga in a sister property of Talalla, Jasper House. It is located steps away from a beautiful Hiriketiya Bay, which is a great surfing spot for the beginners like me. The best part of any yoga job, but particularly when teaching abroad, is to have a chance to meet people from all over the world. I also feel super happy to have first-time yoga students in class and after a while to get a message from them saying how they continue practising and how it has a positive effect on their lives.

Describe your typical day?

I feel a bit guilty to describe my day, I always say how I must have done something good in my previous life to be able to live a life like that now.

Life in Sri Lanka is very relaxed and stress-free. I wake up around 6.30 to get ready for 8 am Vinyasa Flow class. I have my breakfast in Jasper's restaurant with an amazing sea view, which sometimes makes me stay there till noon, doing some work online, posting on social media, planing upcoming classes or trips.

Some days I would have a workshop or private class, some days I go to Hiriketiya beach for surfing or just for a fresh coconut in one of the cute little cafes near the water.

I also like to explore other beaches along the coast or go to the nearby towns for some local shopping experience.

I teach a restorative class in the afternoon and finish my day with a dinner, the best when I can share it with the friends, many of them are my yoga students who I met at Jasper House.

Five items you can't live without?

Our lifestyle definitely affects our consumer behaviour. When I quit my fashion job I realized that I don't need most of the things I thought were essential. It's easy to deal with the shoe addiction when you spend 90% of the time barefoot :)

Right now my list of essential items looks like this

Swimming suit & sunscreen

I love spending time on the beach and feel the best when I'm in the water.

Lots of fresh fruits

My favourite food, especially when living on the tropical island

Yoga Mat

Just because it's such a universal multipurpose item, especially when travelling. Once, when moving houses, I slept on my yoga mat on the floor for a week, it's actually good for your back :)


As much as I hate modern addiction to the electronic devices, it's an essential tool for staying in touch with my friends and family who are spread all over the world.

Advice to anyone trying to start/improve their yoga practice?

Find a teacher you like, listen to your body and remember that it's not about how you look, it's about how you feel.

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