Adam Husler, Boxer Come Yoga Teacher

13 November 2017

This week I'm very pleased to be bringing you all one of my favourite male yogi's who I avidly follow on instagram, Adam Husler. Boxer come yoga teacher, Adam has been practicing for over 8 years, and some would say is one of London top yoga teachers, teaching at the big studios such as Triyoga and Indaba. As well teaching he works with big brands such as Adidas, Boys of Yoga, Harrods and OHMME. I caught up with Adam for a walk along the Chelsea Embankment and regardless of the cold temperatures we nattered for over an hour about how his life changed from super physical forms of pushing his body to the beauty of yoga...

Do you remember your first yoga practice?

Not the exact time/place as I dabbled in it for quite a while,  about 8 years ago I started to practice in a studio that became my 2nd home. As someone who was super physical at one time, with boxing and ultra-marathons, I do remember going into my first class thinking I needed to push hard and try to ‘win’! How times have changed!

Describe a day in the life of Adam ?!

It's normally an early start with about 15 minutes between when the alarm going off and leaving the door! Then it's a day on ‘the road’ with 2-4 classes and then a mix of meetings, events, photoshoots, writing, commuting and eating. Weekends tend to be full of bigger events and international teaching.

What's your style of teaching?

I’d call it alignment focused, technical vinyasa yoga, featuring long holds, controlled dynamic movements and anatomical instruction. There’s a focus on integrity over pretty shapes and a focus on strength just as much as flexibility.

What's your favourite yoga pose?

One that facilitate self-enquiry as I explore depth in it; so pretty much all of them if done with consciousness.

Where do you breath, sweat and eat in London?

Triyoga is where you can most regularly catch me teaching and practicing and my main form of gym-ing is Isokinetic; an incredible physio clinic sorting me out after a motorbike fell on my foot in January! Pret appears more in my life more than I’d like, but when time allows I up my dietary game.

Catch up Adam at one of his wonderful classes here and if you're not London based, he's at various festivals across the world here.

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