Yoga, Wine and Pizza

4 September 2017

Anyone who follows me on instagram would have noticed my endless posts of the beautiful Italian countryside and the odd yoga mat or two, that's because I have just returned from my first ever yoga retreat. Yoga twice a day, inversion workshops and lots of delicious pizza, healthy food and wine, all hosted by London's coolest yogi; Jaime Tully, this was possibly one of the best holidays I've had!

I've been hooked on Jaime's teaching style ever since I interviewed her in February about her journey into yoga, click here to read the interview. This was Jaime's first retreat, which sold out pretty quickly, her next in Sri Lanka is also going the same way!

Our adventure started early Sunday morning on a 6.30am flight when a few of us sleepy eyed yogi's took off for what was set to be a week of pure relaxation, yoga, and fabulous food, little did we know we'd also meet some incredible people during that time.

Amber (whose villa it was) and Jaime came up with the idea to do the retreat in this stunning location, their first ever. All the delicious food was cooked by Amber and every meal looked as if it had been styled by one of the food-stylists from the 26 Grains cookbook!! Breakfasts were particularly incredible in that sense. (Below Amber running us through one of the breakfasts)

Our lovely teacher Jaime!

The 7am class!

Yoga twice a day consisted of Power yoga and a couple of Yin's (when we all needed a good stretch)! then 2 inversion workshops. This is the first time I've ever done so much yoga and although tough on the muscles by mid week when they felt like they were about to fall off, once over that hump I felt incredible! 

(above the guest teacher to perfect our 'cat / cow pose'!!)

Days were filled with relaxing by the villas pool and on local sandy beaches, reading books in a hammock over-looking beautiful views, hiking up into the hills, and walking through cobbled historic Italian towns, the list goes on! Nights were filled with laughing, pizza making, wine tasting, pasta making and all the delicious things that make Italy great!

Then there were the lovely yogi's I met, starting with Philip - hardcore yogi who I'm not going to give too much away about as he will be on the blog soon!!

Another lovely yogi that I met was Nicole, who has a brilliant blog all about her travels on yoga retreat across the world. From London to Bali, Nicole outlines the best places to go whether it be Rocket yoga in Bali to vinyasa looking over the whole of London.. check out her latest yogini travels here.

This honestly was one of the most loveliest breaks I've had and I've come away from this with some great memories, a better yoga practice and most of all some dear friends. Jaime's retreats really are special but you will never understand why until you experience one, for more on her future retreats which include Morocco and Sri Lanka check her out...

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