Heath, Founder of Fruit & Co, Every Pets Favourite!

4 July 2017

This is one of the most heart warming interviews I've done, and I warn any reader, have a tissue to hand !!

Heath, is the founder of Fruit & Co, an apple cider vinegar soda, not only is the drink one of those healthy drinks with loads of benefits, most importantly their mission is to donate money from every single bottle sold to local animal shelters across Australia. Anyone that follows me on instagram would have noticed the big man in my life, my cat, so when I stumbled across Heath and this brand I had to share his story! 

Why did you decide to start you brand? 

I decided to start Fruit & Co because I had wanted to start a healthy drink option for quite a while. I was forever thinking of a way it could help benefit both humans and pets. That is when the idea to feature different pets currently seeking adoption on all of our labels was born, it was then decided to go that one step further and donate 10c from every bottle to local pet shelters as well. The first reactions to the idea and peoples faces when they saw the initial bottles was amazing and the design stuck!

What are the benefits of cider vinegar soda? And how to you drink yours?

Apple cider vinegar has a range of health benefits including helping to improve digestion, reduce bloating, support weight loss, lower blood pressure, as well as a range of other health benefits. I like to drink mine of a morning, I am normally on the run so I will quickly grab a bottle on my way out of the house of a morning.

It's so wonderful you donate some of your profits to local animal shelters, why did you decide to make that one of your missions?

The idea behind the donations was a photo I came across one day online of a large group of pets that had been euthanised. It was incredibly heartbreaking and a real eye opening photograph. I still can't believe the amount of pets that are euthanised each year, so we are trying to do our best to help reduce this rate to zero.

Describe your typical day.

My typical day starts at around 6AM when I start with exercise, then shower and have breakfast and read through emails and check social media.

I then visit our warehouse and check through our inventory, go through any issues and plan for the days ahead.

That is followed by visits and meetings to cafes locally that we supply to. Having meetings with different team members, going over marketing strategies, development plans, etc.

I then finish the day at home replying to emails and planning for the following day.

Meet one of the little dudes that Fruit & Co help ... !!!

Five items you can't live without?

My phone, coffee, a good book, peanut butter and of course a bottle of Fruit & Co soda!

These guys are yet to come to the UK but in the meantime show your support and follow them here.

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