Caroline Perrineau, The Yoginist. The Parisian Yogi

15 May 2017

If you ever wondered who I follow on Instagram there are a few 'Super Yogi's' as I call them who are a must follow, one of them is the beautiful Caroline Perrineau, known as The Yoginist. Caroline, is a Parisian yoga teacher whose stunning form and photography on instagram is extremely inspiring. With that of course I had to get her on the blog to hear her story of how she got to where she is today..

How did you get into yoga and what does it mean to you to practice it?

I really got into yoga in 2012 when a Californian friend took me to her favourite yoga studio in Shanghai where i lived for 6 years. It was at a complicated time of my life, and though i had no expectations out of this first class, it felt like i found that space to allow myself to let go of anything that could feel like a burden and strengthen myself to better face future challenges. It came little by little, but resonated enough in me so at times after an intense Vinyasa class i would feel shaken enough i would cry, as if i was transforming in and out.
When i see where i am today and where i was before i can only be happy and proud of the path i took. Actually yoga made me take this way; it helps me build more self confidence, listen better to what is happening in me, and taught me to let go. Also and this always has been key in my life, i wanted to do something meaningful, that would be in line with my values. I always have a been an eco friendly citizen of this world and found in yoga a way to expand this way of living.

What advice would this you give to anyone wanting to start advancing their practice?

I would recommend if not done yet to start looking over the simple asanas aspect as they are taught in studio and grab a book about the basics of the yoga philosophy. I feel i really started to go deeper in my practice when i opened for the first time “Light on yoga” of B.K.S Iyengar during my teacher training. I started my practice in China where physical practice and all kind of bendiness were the main focus. But with distance i realised i was blind and wasn’t really doing yoga. Since then the more i practice physically the more aware am i of what actually happens in my mind. I only realised through my body i could access my mind, whereas usually we do quite the opposite. Physicality isn’t a dead end, isn’t empty of meaning. From this point i think you can really advance your practice.

What's your favourite type of yoga? And favourite pose?

I love Vinyasa for its flow, its lightness in movement. I love dancing and i found in this form of yoga a way of self expression and freedom. It is very adaptable and can be strong and smooth at the same time. Everyone can practice Vinyasa, anywhere, anytime.
My favorite pose keeps changing and i can’t pin point a specific one. Nonetheless those days i am working a lot on my handstands, apprehending every bit of it, and the fear that can arise from it. I love inversions as i find they incarnate perfectly the asana where mind and body connect to create magic.

What are your favourite studios in Paris and London?

My favorite studios in Paris are Caelo Yoga for its international spirit and its awesome team of professors, studio Gerard Arnaud for the rigorous yet friendly approach to Vinyasa yoga, it offers great classes for teachers who wish to improve. I also like a lot BeYoga and its very friendly, authentic vibe with its owner Gregoire. I love Yuj Studio that just opened and where i teach for its innovative and modern approach to yoga.

Where do you shop for yoga gear?

Lululemon ! Cause it lasts long and i have been working with them for a year now. They have been the first one to trust me and my teaching when i came back to France from China.
I like also Alo Yoga and Outdoor voices designs. So many brands though i have not tried !
I also keep an eye on Girlfriend collective collection, cause they just started and seem very involved on making sustainable fashion. I tried their first pair of legging and they are super duper comfy !

Five items you can’t live without?

I am turning minimalistic and like to believe i can do without things. We all can. But what would make my life more complicated and less beautiful would be : no phone, no mat , no music , no flowers.

If you're not already following this lovely lady on instagram then quickly press that follow button, as she will inspire you with daily poses from her beautiful Parisian apartment. 

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