Anni Kravi, Author, Porridge

31 May 2017

Some of my regular followers would have noticed my ravings about this little lady a couple of weeks back when I discovered her book while shopping in Anthropology on The Kings Road in Chelsea (Mummy time to be precise)! The cover of this book I think you'll agree springs out at you with the most stunning imagery of a divine smoothie bowl. This is not just food, this is art! 
Anni Kravi is a Swedish based food blogger who has taken her love for the popular dish of porridge to the next level. Her debut book "Porridge" is jammed with incredible ways to spice up your morning feast, as well as buddha bowls, and savoury snacks that fall under her clean vegan way of eating. 

I contacted Anni regarding this interview 5 pages into the book, here's a little insight into how she started and what she love about food.

Firstly when did your love of healthy food / cooking start? And how did you develop this into your blog and most recently a fabulous recipe book? 

I’ve liked cooking since I was young and we’ve always had a pretty healthy lifestyle both food and sports wise. I started taking food photos around 3-4 years ago and that’s when I also started sharing some of my recipes online. My first cookbook was published in January this year and the project altogether took around a year to complete.

If you were stuck on a desert island what 5 ingredients would you have in your store cupboard?

This is pretty easy - kale, tahini, quinoa, umeboshi vinegar and avocado. (If we are talking only about foods!)

What is your favourite breakfast and why? 

At the moment I’ve been loving savoury breakfast bowls with quinoa, kale, sweet potato and a poached egg or tempeh. I also like raw millet porridge with berries. I’m a very intuitive eater so I pretty much eat what I feel like (as long as it’s healthy) - I used to love sweet breakfasts like smoothie bowls and porridges but lately I’ve been craving something more substantial.

What advice would you give anyone wanting to do what you've done? 

Career wise, just do what you’re passionate about and be ready to think outside the box. Be patient and do whatever thing you decide to do either all the way or then not at all.

Five items you can't live without?

The first ones that came to my mind: blender and bamboo steamer, my camera, my rings, pen and paper for drawing.

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