Angela Lohse, Yoga Teacher. Hong Kong

30 March 2017

I didn't meet Angela the usual way I meet some of the wonderful people I have interviewed, not through going to a yoga class or through social media, I met Angela the good old fashioned way... in a bar!! 
As I stood rather jet lagged late at night surrounded by cocktails in Hong Kong while my other half chatted away about football to a friends friend, I couldn't help but dream about the fluffy warm dressing gown, bath and soft sheets that awaited me back in the hotel. As I was about to give in to those thoughts I was whisked to one side to meet the said friends girlfriend, a beautiful tall blonde by the name of Angela! Within 0.5 seconds we were onto yoga and the boys were left silent while we chatted and chatted and chatted about yoga!! After getting every tip on the best teachers and places to practice in Hong Kong I left thinking, I've got to get this girl on the blog! 

And that is exactly what I did....

How did you get into yoga and what do you love about your job working for Pure? 

I found yoga shortly after high school. Seeking a way to maintain the flexibility and strength I had gained from 4 years dancing in high school, I took my first yoga class.

It was love at first try, but it wasn't until I meet my favourite teacher that I knew it was something I had to teach. Her name was Mia and she looked like a yoga-angel. Blonde, strong, flexible and calm, she moved from asana to asana with so much grace and elegance. She played great music and even though she never left her mat while teaching, her classes were always full. Both of us being soft-spoken and shy, we only had one conversation the entire 6 months I studied with her. I wanted to know where she did her yoga teacher training so that I too might be able to study where she did. When she told me she studied at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, I was a bit intimated. To go so far from Fargo, North Dakota by myself would require a lot of courage, money and planning. However, I'll never forget the power of her words "Go for it, you'll love it." After that I was set on my way to Costa Rica. That was back in 2001, when I was just 21 years old. 

What do I love about working for Pure? 

 I love working for Pure because it has been a manifestation in progress. Since the moment I saw Pure studio in Taipei, I knew I wanted to teach for the company. It's international teachers, students, variety of yoga and class times set it apart from all other studios I'd seen before. Being an expat since 2002, I feel at home teaching for a foreign run yoga company in Asia.      

In London yoga has really taken off, what is the popularity like in Hong Kong and where would you recommend anyone visiting to practice?

Yoga has been going off in Hong Kong for the past 15 years. Pure was started by a few Canadian men back in 2002. Since then yoga has gone off in Hong Kong. Aside from Pure's 8 studios there are lots of smaller studios around the city. Hong Kong expats and locals loyally fill the studios morning, noon and night. It's awesome to be living in working in a city full of yogis!

Do you have a favourite type of yoga and position and why? 

Hands down -Handstands!!

I love, love, love the challenge of being upside down. Physically and mentally, handstands require all the components vital to developing an awesome yoga practice. Strength, balance, flexibility, concentration and focus. Holding a 3 to 10 second handstand slows down time which can be quite mediative. If I have to choose my favourite style of yoga, it would be vinyasa. Moving with the breath calms my mind and keeps my body strong and healthy.

Where do you shop, sweat and eat in Hong Kong? 

I've actually never bought a pair of yoga pants. Over the years, I've been sponsored by several great apparel lines such as Asana in Taiwan, Balini in the US, Aumnie in Asia, and Pure Apparel. 

Where to sweat? If I'm not in the yoga studio, you'll find me sweating on the path up to the Peak. Hong Kong is surprisingly full of easily accessible paths that lead up to mountain views and sandy beaches are only a 15 minute taxi ride away. 

Where to eat? Primarily eating a vegetarian diet and living near an amazing wet market, I cook a lot for myself. If tired or lazy, I find myself eating a big slice of vegetarain pizza from Paisanos or a veggie falafel from one of many Kebab shops around Central. 

Five items you can't live without? 

Item's don't include small dog's, do they?

I'm in love with my 4lb yorkie, Charlie. What he lacks in size he makes up in personality. If you don't see him walking down the street, you'll definitely hear him oinking loudly like a pig!

Speaking of walks with Charlie, that leads me on to the second item I can't live without: MORNING COFFEE. Enough said. Cupping Room and Feather and Bone has great java. 

Third on the list, my smart phone. It's all in there. Email, instagram, what's app, music, camera and google maps. 

Fourth : Bobbie Pins. Yes, old school, but so appropriate for quickly pulling up my thin-hair before class.

Lastly, my iwatch. It's synced to Spotify and allows me to adjust the volume and songs while teaching and moving around the classroom.

Since returning from my little holiday to Hong Kong I've got rather hocked on Angela's yoga tutorials on Pure, for a little snippet of her practice, watch here.
I am so excited to whisper there may well be a follow up interview with this lovely lady when I pop over to Hong Kong next week.. so stay tuned !!

In the meantime follow her gorgeous instagram feed ---> here

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