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22 February 2017

Recently I came across a couple of brands that are making it their mission to give something back to others less fortunate than ourselves, one of them being Sports Philosophy who donate profits to the Freedom for Children Foundation and recently this incredible watch company who have set out to remind us all to take a moment breathe in our busy lives, and they also are donating to Educate Girls NGO India. I caught up with the founder of this wonderful brand on her mission and the launch of this brand...

How did you get the idea to start and what is your mission? was created to provide a simple, everyday reminder to live in the moment. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life where we let our minds wander into the past and future very easily. For us, we have realised that life only really exists in the present. We choose the Om symbol as a part of our logo because it represents the embodiment of the entire universe. We take inspiration from the ground where we use natural ingredients combined in an ethical and modern way to create a simple timepiece. While it is easy to say, it is difficult to do, so having a short reminder of that on your wrist is one way to remember to live in the moment and just Be. 

What's been the most memorable moment since starting your brand? 

Personally, it would have to be the first meeting I had with the Educate Girls associates. I realised what a great impact this could have on their foundation. The reason why I chose this foundation is because my Mum, who grew up in India was not offered an education due to the responsibilities expected of her at home. While her 5 brothers were able to complete their high school education, she had to fulfil her housework duties. Educate Girls is a not-for profit foundation that aims to take a stand against gender disparity. 

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start a brand which is dedicated to giving something back to others?

Firstly, you need to believe in your brand. It must be something that you’re willing to give everything to and be proud of. It’s equally important to find a charity or foundation that really means something to you. Chat to them, find out as much information as you can and give back!

The brand is about to launch, what can we expect once it does and where most importantly can we buy one! 

We are almost ready to launch our Pre-Sale Special! Keep an eye out on our Instagram page ( for more details. Until then, you can sign up on our website for more offers. With the launch of, we hope to bring the yoga community closer together and allow them to share their experiences with each other as well as the wider community. 

How does yoga hold a special part of your heart? 

As a half Indian, half Finnish girl growing up in Australia, I have had a lot of culture embedded in my upbringing. I have meditated for as long as I can remember being brought up in a meditation-based religion. Yoga also went hand-in-hand with the meditation and I have never stopped since! Yoga and meditation take me into the present and it is there that I feel so blissful. Carrying that feeling with me throughout my day creates a sense of joy that I want to share with the world!

Five things you can't live without?

Meditation, yoga, my violin, tea and my! 

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