Jaime Tully, Yoga Teacher

6 February 2017

There are only a few yoga teachers that have really inspired me to push myself further with my practice and their classes I may sometimes arrive sleepy eyed thinking of my departed bed, but I will always leave glowing with satisfaction. Since I first stumbled across Jaime I haven't missed a class yet, her no nonsense down to earth manner of teaching is honestly uplifting, with a fantastic attitude of; if not this time, try again next time but just have fun! 
Some of you may have already heard of Jaime Tully, this gorgeous girl has quite a substantial following on instagram, me being one of them! Not only does she post inspiring shots from her day to day life but her sense of humour will certainly make you smile - todays post reads: 'Taught four classes in a row today, lost track of what day it was and then accidentally said I love you instead of goodbye to a client !? Thank goodness I love what I do (and real talk, I do love all of you too) 

This is why I had to stalk this lovely lady....

How did you get into yoga and what do you love about being a yoga teacher?

I got into yoga in my second year of post-secondary. I was in a really terrible relationship and I could feel that yoga was giving me some clarity (though I didn't quite understand how at the time). I continued with it, committing more time when I needed extra guidance and then when I moved to London two years ago I was struggling to love the city, the commute and the lifestyle so I thought about what might make me happy and then booked a flight to India to do my teacher training. The thing I love most about being a yoga teacher, is watching someone fall in love with the practice - the way I did... I love watching others find their balance physically and metaphorically.

What is your favourite pose and what advice would you give to anyone trying to improve their practice or a particular pose? 

I love any inversion, but probably bakasana (crow pictured below), because it makes me feel strong, and there are so many places you can take it. I'm currently trying to master my one legged crow! It's also one I love to teach, because it's safe to try - the worst thing that happens is a gentle face plant, and we all need to face plant every once in a while to keep us humble. Then when we face plant we learn to get up and try, try again - and one day we nail it. I suppose that's the best advice I could give - Just keep trying... Fall on your face. Laugh it off. Try again. Let it go. Try Tomorrow.

How do you think social media has assisted the popularity of yoga in the last 3 years? And what will  inspire people to start practising in the next 3 years?

Hmm this is a tricky one. I think social media has certainly made yoga more popular, but it doesn't always bring out the best in the practice. We're told as soon as we step onto the mat to let our ego's go, but it's hard. When we see someone in the front row gracefully flowing from bakasana to sirsasana II and back it's hard to avoid comparison, and that's what a good teacher does, they remind us to let it go, and stop the comparison. But we don't have a teacher walking around with us on a day to day basis, sitting beside us when we scroll through Instagram at all the girls who can bend themselves in half and I think sometimes that can be the wrong source for Inspiration, especially when left in the hands of the young and vulnerable. With that said, there are some accounts that bring out the best in the practice, so it's sort of a love/hate thing isn't it? I certainly use Instagram every day without thinking about it. I'm an old soul though, and I'm hoping live community events and word of mouth will beat out social media when it comes to Inspiring new people to join the yoga movement... 

Where  do you sweat and eat in London? 

Oooooh. Okay. I love Indaba when I need to turn everything off for a while, and I really like another space for the aesthetic and the lovely lovely teachers. It's also conveniently located to Neils Yard, my favourite little nook in London. 26 Grains for Breakfast, Salad Pride for Lunch and Native for dinner... literally three of my favourite places to eat in London side by side. Oh and Itsu does a bomb breakfast. This surprised me recently and I have been telling everyone.

How do you recover after a workout or dynamic yoga class? 

I usually recover with a tea, or something to eat as I try and go to class on an empty stomach, and as I want to keep my endorphins up, food is naturally the best choice. I love to cook. Actually, I love picking out the recipe and helping my boyfriend cook...

What five items can you not live without?

I don't like this question. I couldn't live without water and food. I think I would find it difficult to live without shelter, free healthcare and warmth. And then I think that it would be next to impossible to live without love or gratitude... There are things that make my life very easy: my phone, wifi, a warm bed, matcha lattes. But there are too many people who have nothing and it wouldn't be right for me to say that I can't live without those things when those people can survive.

Check out when and where she is teacher here ...

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