Monica Siren, Founder, Be.Watch

22 February 2017

Recently I came across a couple of brands that are making it their mission to give something back to others less fortunate than ourselves, one of them being Sports Philosophy who donate profits to the Freedom for Children Foundation and recently this incredible watch company who have set out to remind us all to take a moment breathe in our busy lives, and they also are donating to Educate Girls NGO India. I caught up with the founder of this wonderful brand on her mission and the launch of this brand...

How did you get the idea to start and what is your mission? was created to provide a simple, everyday reminder to live in the moment. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life where we let our minds wander into the past and future very easily. For us, we have realised that life only really exists in the present. We choose the Om symbol as a part of our logo because it represents the embodiment of the entire universe. We take inspiration from the ground where we use natural ingredients combined in an ethical and modern way to create a simple timepiece. While it is easy to say, it is difficult to do, so having a short reminder of that on your wrist is one way to remember to live in the moment and just Be. 

Jaime Tully, Yoga Teacher

6 February 2017

There are only a few yoga teachers that have really inspired me to push myself further with my practice and their classes I may sometimes arrive sleepy eyed thinking of my departed bed, but I will always leave glowing with satisfaction. Since I first stumbled across Jaime I haven't missed a class yet, her no nonsense down to earth manner of teaching is honestly uplifting, with a fantastic attitude of; if not this time, try again next time but just have fun! 
Some of you may have already heard of Jaime Tully, this gorgeous girl has quite a substantial following on instagram, me being one of them! Not only does she post inspiring shots from her day to day life but her sense of humour will certainly make you smile - todays post reads: 'Taught four classes in a row today, lost track of what day it was and then accidentally said I love you instead of goodbye to a client !? Thank goodness I love what I do (and real talk, I do love all of you too) 

This is why I had to stalk this lovely lady....

How did you get into yoga and what do you love about being a yoga teacher?

I got into yoga in my second year of post-secondary. I was in a really terrible relationship and I could feel that yoga was giving me some clarity (though I didn't quite understand how at the time). I continued with it, committing more time when I needed extra guidance and then when I moved to London two years ago I was struggling to love the city, the commute and the lifestyle so I thought about what might make me happy and then booked a flight to India to do my teacher training. The thing I love most about being a yoga teacher, is watching someone fall in love with the practice - the way I did... I love watching others find their balance physically and metaphorically.

Kelly McHugh, Founder, Good Yoga Life

1 February 2017

Imagine going into your Chaturanga over looking the Thames and the London eye, following that you sit back relaxed from your practice with a gin and tonic watching the sun set over the city... this is just one of the urban retreats/events that Good Yoga Life offer to it's yogi's. Not only do they do pop up yoga events all over the city, they also do a rather cool surf and yoga retreat, which is exactly how I stumbled across them. Kelly is the brains behind this wonderful idea, I caught up with her about her latest event and where she got this wonderful idea from.

How did you turn your passion into a career and what do you love about it? 

I was 15 years in marketing before I finally shut that door to go on my own and launch Good Yoga Life.

That was November 2015 and it’s been an incredible journey so far. I held my first yoga retreat in Ibiza for 20 guests, which was a massive success. I’m back out there in May (three spots left!) and then to France in June for a weekend yoga and surfing retreat. 

Last summer saw Good Yoga Life bring yoga underground to Old Street Station for a week-long pop up, a weekly residency onboard the Benefit Cosmetics Boat and a disco yoga closing party at Soul Circus Festival.

It’s still early days but the response to GoodYoga Life has been phenomenal! I’ve seen a little community build up who are coming back to classes and events over and over and it’s just magic! I want to keep bringing new things to our community, turning things on their head, thinking out of the box, making yoga fun and social. Sometimes it might seem wacky but I have a vision and so far people are loving it!

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