Stalked: Lindsay and Aleksa, Founders, PHIIT London

19 December 2016

Tucked away in the streets of Fulham lives one very cool little studio.. please may I introduce you to PHIIT London, a luxury HIIT and pilates studio loved by the likes of high profiles fitness bloggers such as Zanna Van Dijk. After a very intense and sweaty class I caught up with Lindsay and Aleksa on their venture and as Christmas approaches their Christmas wishlist and tips on how to shift that festive bulge in January.

Why did you both decide to start a studio and what do you love about your jobs? 

We loved going to studios for our workouts and wanted to create a place that we would want to work out in. We love the community we have created at PHIIT and feel very lucky to have such lovely clients to spend our days with. 

Best moment since launching PHIIT? 

A client showing us a picture of her transformation and telling us she has never felt so confident within herself. It's amazing that we have the opportunity to help people feel like that. 

What is on your Christmas wishlist this year? 

Clothes! I live in workout attire and my normal wardrobe is severely lacking!

What are your tips for getting rid of that festive bulge in January and getting back into a fitness regime? 

First of all, don't wait until January. People use January resolutions as a hall pass to do what they want in December but that only makes it so much harder to get back into a routine in January. Keep moving daily, even if it is a simple walk around the park or quick 10 minute HIIT circuit. When life returns to normal schedule in your workouts like you would work meetings so you don't miss them and buddy up with a friend so you are accountable

How do you recover after a workout? 

A good stretch, water and lots of carbs! 

What five items can you not live without? 

Trainers, its sad to say but my iphone, bread, tupperware (love tupperware!) and my bed 

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