Stalked: Maja Cop, Founder, Surf and Yoga Brand, Manawai Wear

19 October 2016

I stumbled across this brand on instagram as I was sitting on a busy bus going through central London.. the sight of their dreamy imagery instantly transported me to far away beaches with the sand between my toes and board under arm, theres no doubt their imagery certainly provokes happy thoughts! 
Manawai Wear is a yoga and surf wear brand and being an ex surfer and massive yoga fan myself this brand caught my eye, so I had to get them on the blog...

Why did you decide to start your brand and what do you love about it?

When I moved to Canary Island – Fuerteventura I was missing fashion but in the same time I discovered surfing which I enjoy very much.
It took me long time to figure out what to do on this Island which is amazing place to live but sometimes could be very boring. Manawai Wear was a perfect match, combination of fashion-textile industry from my profession joining with new passion - surfing.
Manawai Wear is a brand for woman and man of Surf and Yoga inspired clothing and goodies made from natural, recycled, Earth friendly materials with love for the ocean and nature.

I imagine you surf.. Where has been the most memorable place you've surfed and why? 

I love to surf and just being in the Ocean. Fuerteventura has many great spots for surfing. One of my favourite is Calleta on the Nort Shore.

What did you focus on the mix of yoga and surfing for your brand?

This are 2 important things I do in my life. I believe in wellbeing by practising yoga and surfing. It also is a popular combination. Is good to have a nice wear by doing it

Describe a day in the life of Maja Cop ?! 

Early morning surf session is a best start of the day. Perfect timing to catch some waves when are still empty line-ups and to fresh your head before work.
After morning recreation is time to work in the office.
Afternoons I enjoy free time on the beach with my family.
Class of Yoga and meditation relax me before sleeping.

Five items you can't live without? 

My family, my surf, my yoga mat, work, jeep.

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