Stalked: James Pisano, Master Trainer, Core Collective.

3 October 2016

I'm sure anyone who has been to a fitness class agrees it's not so much the 'class' but the teacher that will inspire you to work harder and therefore achieve the goal you set yourself at the beginning. This was certainly the case with me, after attending many HIIT classes and TRX I found myself losing interest when the teacher lacked personality. That was until I stumbled upon the very cool studio Core Collective, and the lovely (and brutal) James Pisano.. you know the class is going to work when you're dying and already aching and then hear the words, 'right that's the end of the warm up' !! 

Please may I introduce you all to my first proper fitness stalk.. James, we caught up after a Resistance (TRX) class, arms still shaking I attempted to hold the camera as steady as possible during this shoot!! 

Why did you decide to enter into the world of fitness training for a career and what do you love about it? 

I landed into this fantastic industry through injury funny enough. My hopes and dreams were set on being a Royal Marine Commando and after entering basic training on completion of the PRMC it wasn't long before my all that running and pressure destroyed my groin.  Given 9 months to recover I took to a Physio and PT to aid my recovery and I was blown away by their work which turned me away from the armed forces and into my current position.   
I have so much respect for every member of our armed forces, I'm very proud of each of them and I'm always in admiration but I have never looked back. It's not in my nature!

Have you noticed a shift in popularity towards classes versus traditional gym workouts in the last 5 years and where do you see it going in the future?

Coming from a personal trainer I have seen growth in this market and that's exactly why we are in it.  The lifestyle of today is very much about working hard, eating well and training smart.  The shift I feel hasn't been aimed towards classes but more towards great products.  The shift comes from a growth in professional and planned executions of classes and the methods behind that workout.  The class attached to a membership/leisure centre has its place but it was designed for motivation not on performance which is what we at the core collective and many other bespoke fitness gyms nationwide now deliver.  This won't change or slow down as it's not a fashion statement.  The only issue we will face is a saturated market which may dilute products or worse.  Outside of that, competition is healthy and more expertise can only bring more incredible products and training methods. 

Describe a day in the life of James?!

Typically I'm at work early, classes or admin.... We tend to have at least one team meeting a day to discuss programming, scheduling, class structure, delivery or trainers ( new and current ).  Then it's all interaction.  I make sure I do at least one accelerate class each working day.... Sometimes 3 .  Then is usually lunch and walk with the pup before the afternoon/evening classes and fitness madness begins!!!

Where do you sweat, shop and eat in London? 

I sweat in my spin studio ( accelerate at core) and I let the team push me in Velocity classes throughout the month.  I also run Richmond park with the puppy... When he is in the mood to exercise!  Since we have done so much work with Lululemon I tend to get all of my bits and pieces from them with the odd rogue purchase when I see something I like.   
Food wise I do indulge in our very own c/c cafe as its right here for me all day and fantastically balanced and delicious.  I also spend my days off in Farm Girl on portobello road as they allow the pup to eat with me, which is a sure way to get me in your door! 

What five items can you not live without? 

My Dog is number one! My little bestie! 

My Apple Macbook is my life... More than my telephone... Which I constantly drop.

Hard, loud music on a daily basis!! 

My TRX is my go to tool for when I'm either away from the gym or away from the UK... 

I'm split between almond lattes and sparkling water! As I have many of each everyday  

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