Stalked: Cathy L, Yoga Teacher

31 October 2016

 I first met the lovely yogi Catherine when we both worked for a big luxury fashion house, not only is she a talented creative type she also is an inspirational yogi, teaching in her spare time. We used to constantly stalk this girls instagram for inspiration to improve our own practice. Recently things got even more exciting for her when she left to throw herself into her yoga teaching and thats when I thought I had to stalk this girl! I love that she's chosen to pursue her passion, it's truly inspirational!

How did you get into yoga and what do you love about it?

I first discovered yoga at University, I had no idea what it really was or what it would involve. I remember lying in Savasana at the end of my first class and it just felt so right. It was like a mixture of feeling satisfied after a really good meal along with the delight of finding the perfect fit of jeans!

There’s no way of saying this without sounding cliché, but yoga and training to become a yoga teacher has probably been one of the best things I’ve done in life. It has helped me to grow physically and mentally, as well as bringing so many amazing people into my life.

What advice would you give anyone wanting to forge a new career within the yoga world? 

Dive into the unknown? You will lose nothing from trying. Challenge yourself. I learnt so much from my teacher training not just from a yoga teacher aspect, but also growing and building on my own self. As with everything, you may have your doubts but invest your time and effort like you mean it and I promise it will return and reward you (and vice versa too!).

And post-teacher training? Get out there, dive into teaching, be scared (very scared…it’s VERY scary), make mistakes, face plant whilst demonstrating! Most importantly, CONTINUE learning. As a yoga teacher you are still a yoga student - get out to workshops, advanced teacher trainings, immersions, try different yoga styles, get inspired, teach what you learn.

What is your favourite type of yoga and what are your favourite positions?

I started with Hatha but discovered Vinyasa Flow when I moved to London. I love Vinyasa as it’s so dynamic and fluid, like a dance. Classes can be a real sweat as well as super chilled and you can be really creative with the flow of poses to structure the class how you want it. Recently I’ve been into Jivamutki yoga as I love the chant vibes and hands-on assists!

Fave poses? Savasana, of course! But aside from this I’m generally a big fan of hip-openers and back-bends. I love Pigeon pose as you can really let go and get a deep stretch. Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel pose), super back-bend and heart-opener. Baddha Konasana, hip heaven. And lastly supine spinal twists, I feel like this helps me reset and grow taller in the spine.

Where do you sweat, and shop in London? 

Fave places to Down Dog and shout outs to the teachers/classes I love:
·       Indaba (great workshops, Lizzie Reumont - Jivamutki)
·       The Life Centre (Isabell Britsch – Vinyasa)
·       Yotopia (Hannah Whittingam – Rocket)
·       Evolve (Mona Heep – Vinyasa). 

I am also a keen (but still amateur!) runner and dancer. Pounding the streets outside for running, shout out to TRIBE run club and THE coolest place to bust a move by far is Studio 68. If I hype myself up enough, I love braving Adam’s Acro for Dancers class even if it means not being able to walk the next day, ouch!

You definitely don’t need expensive clothes to yoga in, but some of my favourites include Lululemon, Sweaty Betty, Fabletics, Forever 21 and H&M.

Five items you can't live without?

  My physical diary – I’m so old school when it comes to this one as I find phone calendars so difficult to use! This is my ‘bible’ and helps me keep on top of EVERYTHING.
Active wear – Thank GOODNESS for athleisure, I pretty much live in it whether I’m teaching yoga, practicing yoga, running errands, cleaning the house, you name it.

My mobile – Not a great one to rely on, but staying connected to the world, friends and family is important to me.
Headphones/Speakers (+ music) – I’m probably listening to tunes for the most part of my day and love complementing my classes with some beats.

 My water bottle/giant mug – Lots of water, lots of tea, lots of hydration.

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