The Next Big Athleisure Brands

26 September 2016

The 'Wellness' industry now worth more than 2.5 trillion is still gaining pace with new brands popping up all over the place. A huge part of the ever growing industry is the marriage of fitness and fashion and with that comes the exciting start-ups who are exploring new fabrication, sustainable materials and even built in resistance panels.

Here are some of my favourites..

Premium athletic fashion with a strong focus on timeless style, highest performance and eco-sustainability.

Bridging the gap between fashion design and sports, German label Aeance are creating timeless apparel for both sports and athletics. Ultimately, these are clothes to live in – whether running a marathon, sprinting across town to run errands or flying to the other side of the world, Aeance aspire to design garments that fit effortlessly into everyday life.

Find more from AEANCE here

Sleek workout gear with built-in resistance to challenge the body and increase productivity.
The brainchild of a group of medical students looking for a way to push people to reach the ‘minimum baseline of healthy exercise’, Physiclo clothing uses resistance panels to target specific muscle groups.
Made from materials that help to ventilate the body and keep moisture at bay, the athletic garments can help burn up to 14% more calories each time you exercise, encouraging customers to get fit faster.
Having already won first place in the Technology Venture category of NYU Stern’s 2014 Entrepreneurs Challenge, as well as raising $152,000 on global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, Physiclo is well placed to capitalise on the emerging relationship between activewear and technology.

Try this revolutionary sportswear here

A brand that is harnessing the power between social media and fitness.. a tool that no brand should underestimate!
Created for active, fashion-conscious women who don’t want to compromise on performance or style.
Bold, sustainable and comfortable, Australia brand Jogha aspires to give women the power to reach their potential by providing them with support, style and ease of movement. They encourage their followers and ultimately customers to join the club and become a 'Joghagirl' by tagging themselves wearing the sportswear. 
Jogha specialise in creating some beautiful pieces by their use of shapes, materials and prints, tailored to suit different lifestyles and types of workout. Versatility is key for this Canada-based e-commerce startup, who are catering to consumers who want designs that are are simple, minimalistic and affordable.
Already enjoying success, with an increase of 400% in legging sales and the launch of a pop-up store in Montreal, founder Daniel Lieberman (a fourth-generation apparel entrepreneur) plans to produce a line of ‘after workout items’ consumers can slip on after exercising.
Aiming to disrupt a marketplace full of high-priced mega-brands such as Lululemon, Cory Vines has the potential to drive an emerging market segment, where high-quality and affordable prices collide.

And onto one of my favourite yoga brands ...

Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga is based in LA and has developed its collection by the means of yoga practice, creating functional yoga-wear for the real yogi. With playful designs in a multitude of colours and fits this brand is nipping at the heels of Lululemon and with a slightly more reasonable price tag makes this young brand one to check out.

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