The Athleisure Addiction

31 August 2016

Anyone else rather into an AA at the moment...?! No that's not an acronym for having drunk too much white wine this summer and starting the detox earlier than January! No, i'm talking about an addiction to Athleisure clothing, which hit our cities in 2015 and sent us all into a wellbeing fitness frenzy!

Well speaking from experience this has actually aided my participation in going to workout more, I think there is a lot that can be said for feeling good while exercising and as many of you will agree, we all need that little bit of extra help in that department! Since getting married recently my perception on how I spend my money and what is important in life has changed and now leans more towards wellbeing and fitness, those words 2 years ago I never thought I would be writing. So you will see more of this popping up on the blog, as I take you on my journey of this brave new world that I have become so interested in recently. 

Lets start from the beginning...

The true meaning of 'Athleisure' is the fusion between fashion and functionality, the type of clothing you can wear to boxing and to brunch (maybe not on the same day!). With the industry dubbed to be worth 78 billion in the next 5 years, the potential for exciting emerging brands is endless.

Consumer purchasing has been fuelled by strong fitness communities and the global addiction to yoga, such studios here in London include; Triyoga, 1Rebel and Crossfit. These no surprising I have become fully addicted.

Today some of you may have already read that the fresh face on the fitness-wear scene Outdoor Voices, who succeeded in securing a $7m investment last year, have joined forces with A.P.C to bring something very special to the consumer. Even the big players such as Nike have shown their commitment to the female market by opening it's first ever womens only store this year here in London, while our much loved Canadian brand Lululemon continues to strive and open stores in both UK and Europe.

Pictures from a previous shoot with Lululemon I did last year, when my addiction began. 

As I mentioned, you will be seeing more of this fascinating industry pop up on the blog and I will be exploring the new brands, studios and bloggers that are growing this industry at such a fascinatingly fast rate!

Watch this space and stalk me on instagram to explore what is going on in London at the moment..

Parisa Yaaseen, Emerging Fashion Designer, Dubai.

16 August 2016

I stumbled across this intriguing fashion talent Parisa, a Dubai based fashion designer whose designs are eye catching to another level! She explores ideas that have a balance between figurative and abstract, playing with colours is the highlight in much of her works, mostly manifesting playfulness and innocence. The aesthetics and lively spirit of youth culture is where her passion comes alive.

I caught up with her over email and quizzed her on her incredibly bold collection, what inspires her and makes this brand new designer tick.

Why did you decide to get into fashion and what do you love about your job?

Initially I was going for fine arts but after doing a little research I realized fine arts is too boring for me so I decided to go into fashion where there is chaos and fun. Fashion design is like a dress up game, I think it's an art form that everyone needs. For instance, not everyone will need a painting or a sculpture but they would definitely need some clothes to put on and style themselves. 

Describe your working day?

I wake up very early, sometimes at 5 am only because I can think more clearly in the mornings. I have my little breakfast quickly and start working until 3pm, if I really love the project then I keep working until late night. 

What's been your highlight since starting? 
my graduation collection RESTLESS got selected by  Jamal Abdourahman, founder of Vancouver Fashion Week, which is super cool and I'll be showcasing my works in Vancouver Fashion Week in September

What inspires you?
Art films and music videos, performance art in general. My graduation collection is immensely inspired by an Electro-pop musician known as GRIMES, she inspires me a lot. she's like the living late-90's goth anime character. I also really admire Nick Cave's Soundsuit performances. 

What other designers do you love at the moment?
My favorite designers at the moment are Josep font, Issa grimm, Cassandra Verity Green, Carmen Channers and Kenzo.     

Five items you can't live without?
My laptop + the internet, money, coffee, food and my car.

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