Stalked: Monta Apsāne, Swimwear Designer

27 June 2016

With summer holidays finally upon us it's time to start the hunt for that perfect swimwear collection and with designers pushing the boundaries like never before it's getting easier to find that head-turning piece. I recently stumbled across the designer Monta Apsāne who is the talent behind the very very cool emerging brand Collar, Monta believes in the beauty behind unconventionality.  

I caught up with the Latvian young fashion talent on her latest collection.. 

Why did you decide to start a swimwear brand? 

Back then a swimwear brand wasn't a goal to achieve, more like an unreal idea I couldn't stop thinking about until I just jumped on it and started developing the first designs. It all started as an experiment and now has brought our team and potential so far. In fact, swimwear as a garment hadn’t yet been tackled in unconventional forms and designs, so it left room and a great opportunity to express myself both creatively and in detailed techniques of designing to enliven these extraordinary images envisioned in my head.

What has been you best moment since starting up your brand?

Since every day is a challenge, the best moment/day is every yesterday! The next challenge that we’re extremely excited about is being among the 30 finalists of The Future of Fashion Program, launched by Not Just A Label, to be exhibited at WHO'S NEXT and PREMIERE CLASSE trade shows in Paris, September 2 to 5!

What is your latest collection about?

The collection ‘Athirst’ visually refers to the aesthetics, style of prints and patterns of the pop art culture and the era’s greatest visionaries. However ideologically it reflects on the essence of our time and being – it is a symbol of the continuous thirst for time of the modern human, our aspiration for balance, fulfilment, success and desires that lead to getting scorched from time to time.

What inspires you?

Great films and music, they both create an imaginary atmosphere where you can indulge into the stream of inspiration. Our fashion label is a lot about visual image and set design that is inspired from film and its peculiar environments that pushes us to build up these unrealistic images for our photo shoots. That’s why I like to dive into movies from time to time.

Why do you think one piece swimsuits have become so popular lately? 

I think they have been popular in all times. It just depends on how you represent it and in what kind of an environment and an idea you place it in. Recently more and more people turn to sport as a lifestyle, trying out different sport typologies almost every month, hence I can’t think of a better swimwear that the one–piece for active swim. Just imagine, in a bikini you would go naked! :D

Five items you can't live without?

Coffee, daily planner, conversation with a friend, hair tie, BBC News

This little number I think I'm going to have to get for my trip to Miami !

Stalking In Progress: Davina Mulford

20 June 2016

Last weekend I was shooting on the streets of my favourite area in London, Notting Hill, for Davina Mulford's latest collection of bags. Some of you may remember this talented chick from a earlier post I did on her venture into millenary and now she has added another string to her bow and has brought out her own bag line. 

Lots of outfit changes later amongst colourful mews houses we shot away until the sun set, with a stop in at Pearl and Grove to refuel after an afternoon of shooting.

Stalked: Laura Parkes, Stylist

14 June 2016

I was recently introduced to the lovely Laura Parkes by a previous stalk of mine, Tarra Rosenbaum the jewellery designer behind my favourite 'The Bat' collection. Laura is a stylist from London, she has worked with he likes of Lenny Kravitz, Telegraph, Marie Claire, Henrietta Ludgate (another previous stalk of mine when I very first started the blog) and Yasemin Bibin. I caught up with her on the backstreets of Westminster looking gorgeous in a transparent dress and leather jacket.. she certainly made the day for many passerby MPs from Parliament!!

How did you get into styling and what do you love about it?

I have always worked in fashion and when I was 18 I set up my own clothes line, which I ran for almost 7 years. I missed working with people and was reading an article in Vogue about a stylist and decided that that was what I wanted to do. So I went to LCF and studied. I worked at Matthew Williamson and helped out with friends films. Another friend was working with Osman so I was helping out with the styling at his LFW shows.

How To Out Shine Other Guests

12 June 2016

It's that time again, the wedding and garden party season is upon us and if you're anything like me you'll already be looking inside your wardrobe and thinking 'what the hell am I going to wear!?' well fear not, my little curated selection of emerging designers will easily make you stand out in the crowd and get lots of heads turning!

Designers I'm coveting at the moment:

Bashar Assaf 
 A Beirut-based Lebanese fashion designer. His garments tend to accentuate the female body with sophisticated yet demure silhouettes, solid colours and clean cuts.

Stalked: Julia Lundin, Soho, London

8 June 2016

I stalked the lovely Julia a London based blogger on the streets of Soho a while back, her unique style caught my eye immediately! Julia Lundin you've probably all heard about, once the retail and market editor for ELLE UK, now a very cool blogger. With her husband, a photographer for 17 years she set up her blog, the combination of his skills in photography and her fashion background made for a winning combo!

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