Stalked: Jc Munoz, Emerging Fashion Designer

21 March 2016

Recently I've been rather obsessed with sport-lux and brands that are combining modern silhouettes with a sporty twist, this is exactly what the designer JC Munoz is all about!
This very talented American designer began his career as an artist, he then turned to bring his illustrations to life through fashion design. Graduating the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a bachelors in Fashion and Textile design. His vision is to create a style that combines strong prints with a contemporary look.

I caught up with him to find out more his latest very cool collection...

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

As a young kid I've always loved to draw and sketch but I was mainly surrounded by sports. Throughout my childhood I played sports my entire life and eventually ended up getting a scholarship to play college baseball in Texas. After my second year I decided this wasn't the path for me in which I decided to take more of a creative path. This brought me to the Academy of Art university in San francisco where I began studying to be a graphic designer. I later decided to take a fashion class and it all started from there. 

What is your latest collection about? 

My latest collection is all about B-2 bombers and the aspect of flight. For this collection I wanted to take to the sky and deconstruct aviation. Looking at the internal and external construction of fighter jets, I wanted to create a collection based on the fluidity and engineering of each fighter jet. Going as detailed to the numbers that identify each plane.

 What inspires you? 

When people ask me that question I don't really have a solid answer. I feel like things that inspire me are all over the world and are waiting to be collected for my next collection.

Where do you think fashion design and sports wear industry is going? 

Fashion and sports wear is only going to get bigger. I feel its the best combination in the industry and something that has endless possibilities. In the years to come I feel like the duo will grow and captivate more and more people. Technology is also a large part of sports wear and will elevate and bring a new realm to high end sports wear.

What has been your best moment since starting your brand? 

I would have to say my best moment since my brand would be my Lindsey Wixson photoshoot. Its a great feeling to have such an iconic model wear your clothes.

Five items you cant live without? 

My computer, my phone, a pencil and pad and my sneakers.


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