Stalked: Deiwid Zottis, Emerging Fashion Designer, ZØTS

3 March 2016

I've always been rather fascinated by the ever popular trend known as 'Norm-core', one in which my latest stalk prides themselves in catering for, please may I introduce the emerging designer Deiwid Zottis, the designer behind ZØTS.

Driven by norm-core concept, ZØTS is a new brand, based on minimalism and simplicity, focusing on modelling, sober colours and details. Established in Caxias do sul, Rio Grande do Sul, the brand has aimed not follow fashion trends, making the pieces timeless and unique. I caught up with the designer all the way from Brazil, to find out more about this interesting brand and concept.

Why did you decide to be a designer and what do you love about it?

From an early age I liked to draw and create things. After high school I decided to join the university of Product Design and worked during four years in the company Grendene S/A as a shoes designer. At the end of this period I’ve decided it was time to create my own brand. With my concept and my ideals, my way. I had never worked with clothes so this was a big challenge and a great desire for me. What I love most in this profession is to see the end result, seeing people on the street using a product that I’ve created, there isn’t more satisfying feeling than that.

What is your latest collection about?

My latest collection is called ÁKRI̱, which means edge in Greek, that is nothing more than the line responsible for connecting two plans, plans which can be people, cultures and beliefs. Based on that the SS 15/16 collection brings, since as brand essence sober colours, working with geometric shapes, modules and lines in its modelling.

 What inspires you?

Many things inspire me as designer. Architecture, art, love, the human body, but especially Minimalism, the bit that says a lot, the beauty of purity, clean. Working with lines and shapes, enhance the fabric and not pollute it with prints for example.

What has been you best moment since starting up your brand?

I think the best moment so far has been the launch of this latest collection, from the choice of models, photos that were wonderful and the reception from the audience that was really great. I also think that the good times are happening gradually, every day, every victory.

Who are the designers you love at the moment?

The designers that I love at the moment are Rick Owens and Boris Bidjan Saberi. But the brand I like most at the moment is Acne Studios, they are perfect, beautifully designed clothes, incredible photography and communication very well done.

Five items you can't live without?
Cell, good food, black clothes, love and hugs.

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