Stalked: Jc Munoz, Emerging Fashion Designer

21 March 2016

Recently I've been rather obsessed with sport-lux and brands that are combining modern silhouettes with a sporty twist, this is exactly what the designer JC Munoz is all about!
This very talented American designer began his career as an artist, he then turned to bring his illustrations to life through fashion design. Graduating the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a bachelors in Fashion and Textile design. His vision is to create a style that combines strong prints with a contemporary look.

I caught up with him to find out more his latest very cool collection...

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

As a young kid I've always loved to draw and sketch but I was mainly surrounded by sports. Throughout my childhood I played sports my entire life and eventually ended up getting a scholarship to play college baseball in Texas. After my second year I decided this wasn't the path for me in which I decided to take more of a creative path. This brought me to the Academy of Art university in San francisco where I began studying to be a graphic designer. I later decided to take a fashion class and it all started from there. 

Stalked: Leo Li, Founder, Neo-Ne Studios

7 March 2016

As some of my regular readers will know, I have 3 weaknesses in life.. first; has to be outerwear, second; of course shoes and last but most importantly.. Sunglasses and on the later subject please may I introduce you all to a brand that I stumbled across on Instagram and am currently obsessed with!!!

Neo-Ne is a project which was founded in 2012 by Hong Kong-based Leo Li. Born out of a major interest in the concept of vision, Neo-Ne explores the world of visuality via two different ways: spectacles and photography. After being drawn in by just that I caught up with him to find out more about the brand...

Why did you decide to get into the world of eyewear?

I have been working in design industry for years before I start up the brand and was mainly focus on graphic and photography. But I am always interested in product design, it is probably influenced by my father. I love the sophisticated structure and magical visual effect the eyewear have. After a year of preparation and research, I decided to fully dedicate to eyewear and team up with my best team to establish the brand Neo-Ne. 

Stalked: Deiwid Zottis, Emerging Fashion Designer, ZØTS

3 March 2016

I've always been rather fascinated by the ever popular trend known as 'Norm-core', one in which my latest stalk prides themselves in catering for, please may I introduce the emerging designer Deiwid Zottis, the designer behind ZØTS.

Driven by norm-core concept, ZØTS is a new brand, based on minimalism and simplicity, focusing on modelling, sober colours and details. Established in Caxias do sul, Rio Grande do Sul, the brand has aimed not follow fashion trends, making the pieces timeless and unique. I caught up with the designer all the way from Brazil, to find out more about this interesting brand and concept.

Why did you decide to be a designer and what do you love about it?

From an early age I liked to draw and create things. After high school I decided to join the university of Product Design and worked during four years in the company Grendene S/A as a shoes designer. At the end of this period I’ve decided it was time to create my own brand. With my concept and my ideals, my way. I had never worked with clothes so this was a big challenge and a great desire for me. What I love most in this profession is to see the end result, seeing people on the street using a product that I’ve created, there isn’t more satisfying feeling than that.

LFW Hen Clash!

1 March 2016

London Fashion Week has been and gone for another season and I have to apologise to all my lovely readers about the lack of LFW stalking coming from this end but I can assure you I have a good excuse.. I was in fact on my Hen Party! Here's a little peep at last weekends goings on...

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