Stalked: Janet Yeung, Fashion Designer, New York. Yeung Kawai

16 February 2016

Janet Yeung, grew up Hong Kong, New York and Paris, and then settled back in New York to attend one of the most prestigious fashion schools in the World; Parsons.  Her collection is playful pulling on inspirations from life little treasures; art, food and her loved ones.

Her use of bright colours and contemporary silhouettes caught my eye, so I simply had to share her talent with all my lovely readers!

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

I was actually preparing my college application for Business major, and I would draw during my free time as a way to refresh my mind. Whenever I read business cases to study, I also frequently imagined what kind of people the 'characters' would be, how they would look like, and what they would be wearing (I even made a whole illustrated story board for this super long, boring case I had to study...).

I realized illustration was something that I would never get bored of doing. Then when I began to develop my portfolio, I decided I wanted to do more than just 2D illustrations, and to learn how to 3D-ify them. That was when I chose to get into fashion. 

What is your latest collection about?

“What is aging? And what is aging to you?”

My latest collection "FABULOUS", inspired from my grandmother (who is the most fabulous woman I know), seeks to redefine the perception of ‘aging’ with my own whimsical interpretations and to show the more exciting aspects of becoming older... Of becoming wiser and reaching the “dessert” stage of your life. Through this collection, I wish to tell people that fashion is ageless, fashion is timeless, and that we should all accept aging with more positive vibe.

Your lookbook campaign is incredible striking and perfectly suits your collection, how did you develop the idea behind the shoot and what was the most enjoyable moment?

Thank you! I was lucky to have such an amazing team for my shoot!!
I asked 3 amazing ladies to be my models, who were all so unique in their own ways and they  represented the 3 key main aspects of my collection ("Young", "Cool" and "Fab"!). Although my key research for the collection was my field trips to the markets, I wanted to avoid the cliche of shooting at Chinatown or supermarket.... But I still wanted to show the ubiquitousness of 'aging', and so picked a very residential, non-specific location to shoot. Then I brought in small elements of my research (the fruit basket, plastic $1 chair from Chinatown, etc.) and let the models to play with my garments to capture them having fun. 

As much as I loved the whole process of the shoot, I have to say the on-spot styling aspect during the outdoor shoot was the most enjoyable moment. It was the moment when I really saw my designs come to life with different attitudes, and interact with my muses. 

What advice would you give to fellow emerging designers graduating this year and wanting to start up their own brand? 

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! As it is the real time where you get to do be in TOTAL control of your collection. 

To anyone who is thinking of starting their own brand, I'd just like to first remind them that it will be less of just designing & creative parts. So while holding tight on their design identities, they have to be ready for the challenges in the management side. 

Five items you can't live without?

- Quirky, colorful ankle socks
- COFFEE (does this count as item? Well I definitely need it everyday)
- Dr. Marten Gold Patent shoes
- My color blocked Swatch waterproof watch
- Exotic leather card wallet (also color blocked..)

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