Stalked: Brianna Lamar, Jewellery Designer

10 February 2016

Brianna Lamar is an artist & designer from Ojai, California working in fine art, jewellery & textile surface design.  After graduating in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC she then spent a year in the Italian lands studying at Polimoda in Florence. 

As I am about to go on holiday in April I am at the moment looking for anything that would look cool on the beach with swimwear and this designer seriously caught my eye with her latest collection. I think you'll agree all her work is a must have for this summer!

Why did you decide to concentrate on unconventional jewellery forms? 

I've never personally been one to follow convention in any aspect of my life.  I find my greatest fulfilment from creating something authentic and intuitive.  I feel that's the essence of what it means to be a designer.  Also, I have a background in fashion design, so the idea of working with the entire form of the body to create pieces that are draped to fit and flatter the human figure is natural and intriguing to me

Stalked: Yael Cohen, Milliner, Justine Hats. Tel Aviv

2 February 2016

So I've always had a thing about hats and especially finding a brand that thinks outside the box with traditional hats. I recently stumbled across the lovely designer Yael, who is the brains and talent behind the Tel Aviv based brand Justine Hats. 

Why did you decide to get into fashion?

I have always work between  the lines of design, art & fashion using unique & non-conform connections of concept, shape & materials. l  like the connections  between body - design - craft, and i find in millinery all what i look for - handmade technique, creative, body, design process, verity of materials.

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