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28 January 2016

I don't know about you but theres something about simple lingerie which has always caught my eye, the beauty of a fine black mesh or silk on smooth skin. Majo Rey's latest collection got me doing a double take at her lookbook, I loved her contrast between sport luxe and that beautiful feminine feel with delicate mesh. Majo Rey is a bit of a cool one, while starting up her own label she became a DJ and model, she now is designing full time but her past experiences you can still see in her inspirations and journal.

i caught up with her about the brand and her latest collection. 

 Why did you decide to get into fashion?  

I did not find anything that I felt comfortable with, so I was asking someone to create my own clothes, for me to wear. Then I realize, when people look at my look they loved what I was wearing. So I decided I would like to start fashion...

What is your latest collection about?

FOCUS is the meaning of gets focused in your own path, in your own ideas. After a bad experience I am experimenting with some other designer I decided it was time to make this clear. Focus is my own feeling of getting free, of being creative with no restriction

What inspires you?

Nature, love, music, natural body, skin, smell, the sound of machines at work, everyone. 

Best advice anyone has ever given you?

Get concentrated 

What has been you best moment since starting up your brand?

In 2011 I won the "BUSINESS WOMAN OF THE YEAR " in Uruguay. That made me very happy and proud.

Five items you can't live without?

Music, lingerie, passion, scissors, my team

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