Stalked: Caroline Elenowitz, Emerging Fashion Designer. Caroline Z.

4 January 2016

With another New Year Eve passed I'm already thinking onto the next, I found this brand recently and too late to get one of her amazing dresses, next year though I think I'll be planning the party around the dress!! 

The very beautiful brand, Caroline Z, was founded in 2015 by Caroline Elenowitz. Using luxury textiles and couture techniques, Caroline Z. creates cocktail dresses and evening gowns to fit any client. 

Why did you decide to get into fashion?

My path into fashion was an unexpected one, even for me. When I was actually an English major in college and when I graduated, I started working in digital PR (not for fashion). Somehow, during that time I just started doing more and more research on fashion and design and all of my previous interest in art and design suddenly fell into place and I knew I wanted to really give fashion a go. It wasn't until I was at FIT studying fashion design that I let myself totally fall in love with it-- the more I learned about fashion the more excited about it I became! I still try to learn more about fashion every day. 

What is your latest collection about?

My latest collection was inspired by a children's novel from the early sixties called The Wolves of Willoughby Chase because of its spooky, fairytale atmosphere. There's also a touch of 'Little Red Riding Hood'  and 'Snow White' in there and really any fantasy in which the woods are a place of mystery, trepidation and discovery.

What inspires you?

I'm inspired by art and by literature, mostly, but really anything that has a strong sense of atmosphere and narrative. I love how fashion can give a sense of an entire world just by evoking the sort of place a piece would be worn or the kind of person who would wear it.

Which dress out of your latest collection would you wear for a New Year's Eve party?

Such a hard choice! I would probably go with the Bonnie Dress because tulle skirts are always fun for dancing.

Five items you can't live without?

1. My sketchbook
2. Dark chocolate
3. My trusty industrial sewing machine

4. Cashmere sweaters

5. My toaster oven

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