Stalked: Vivien Tauchmann, Fashion Designer

6 November 2015

I recently stumbled across the talented Vivien Tauchmann a fashion designer from Germany, fresh out of university. Her focus within her design process is to work conceptually across the borders of fashion to extract new ways to combine material, form and craftsmanship. The aim of her work is to support ideas and opportunities of durability and sustainability in an artistic way.

I caught up with her from Germany to find out more about her and her latest collection.

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

I don’t exactly remember why it became the fashion path. 
Since I can remember I always loved to do something with my hands and create things- out of wood, ceramics, paper and textiles. 
Later, I was fascinated how much expressive power clothing can have, individually and for society. Just think about issues like gender equality.
That was probably the start of my motivation to get into fashion. 
We all wear clothes and even if we don’t care of what we are wearing, we send a statement to the outer world. There lays a huge potential to improve things!

  What is your graduation collection about ?

My latest collection is called „slow motion.“ and explores the process of slow movement and translates it into fashion.

Within my theoretical research I examined critically the modern society’s hunger of living at a faster pace. An uncontrolled progress in many fields has lead to social, economic and environmental problems. 
Fashion has become one of the most polluting industries in the world. 
More and more people and designer realize that an endless growth without consequences is not possible in our limited world. 

My collection is an investigation of deceleration and longevity.
Spaces are created, in which the body can retract and come to rest. Wide silhouettes are combined with concave and closed forms. 
Wooden materials take a key role in the collection as they symbolize nativeness, sustainability and tranquility. Trough three levels of solidity the garments play with the wearability and movability of ordinary garments and with a more sculptural approach.
The shapes and materials constrain the body movement and give the wearer the experience of slowing down. 

What inspires you?

Our social and cultural living, as well as other fields like product design and architecture, foreign cultures and craftsmanship 

Best advice anyone has ever given you?

Don’t be to shy to ask! 

What has been your best moment since graduating?

To travel trough the deep nature of Scandinavia and explore the way of slow movement by myself.

Five items you can't live without?

passport, pencil, sun, hot chocolate, the coincidence


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