Stalked: Doriane Sabadac, Emerging Fashion Designer

12 November 2015

I was first captured by Doriane's collection by her stunning use of photography, using the body and form which brings her whole collection together. Graduating in 2015 she based her final collection around a series of photographs by artist Josephine Cardin's; titles " Fading Shades Of Gray ". Based in France I caught up with her over email to find out more about the designer behind the brand.

Why did you decide to get into fashion?

To be right, I dashed into the fashion because I always liked associating clothes between them. Create looks, styles according to what I like. When I integrated ESMOD, I didn’t know how to either draw, or sew. I did not know the world of Fashion, the designers, etc. … I learnt everything during my studies and it is at the end of my last year, during the ESMOD first fashion show, it came up to me that; I wanted to create my own collection too.

What is your latest collection about?

With "Hide To Reveal" I wanted to re-transcribe the sets of contrasts and movements of one of Josephine Cardin's photos (the series of which is a part the photo is entitled " Fading Shades Of Gray ") by integrating it my sensibility Homewear. The work of movements finds itself in the rangy side of clothes, openings, fluidity of the fabrics (muslin and silk crepe). The contrast finds itself first of all in colours and yokes. Furthermore, I created knitted "stronger" pieces pearled who revitalizes the collection thanks to the volumes of sleeves. 

What has been you best moment since starting up your brand?

My best moment since I starting up my brand was the day of the shooting photo. When I saw on the photographer’s screen the result of several months of work, sleepless nights, tears and questioning. When the results of the shooting turned out to be exactly for what I expected, exactly what I worked for. It was the most beautiful day of these 3 years of studies.

What inspires you?

I am inspired many of the various parts of the body (backs, shoulders, low necks) where from my sensibility of Homewear that allows to reveal these parts of the body everything in delicacy. The music is essential for me. Artists as Florence and The Machine, Oscar and The Wolf or still Lykke Lie, London Grammar... bring words on the indescribable. The emotion, the felt are feelings that I wanted worked through my shooting photo.

Best advice anyone has ever given you?

My professors especially brought me their support rather than advice. I was not the best student of my class during my last year of study. But when I understood and found what I wanted to make for my collection, my professors particularly moved me by showing me their pride and their compliments. This day there and only from this day, I knew that I was going to give everything for this collection.

Five items you can't live without?

Music’s. Cats. My scarves. Tea and Books.



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