Stalked: Annabel Leigh, Jewellery Designer

26 November 2015

Annabel Leigh is the very talent American based jewellery designer whose creations are not only beautiful they are something more.. she wanted her jewellery to feel like armour or amulets that preserve memories, give protection or perhaps bring luck and love if you believe it enough.

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

I’ve always had an aspect of creativity in my life; whether that was dance as a child, theatre studios in college, later photography. I started metal-smithing because at the time I wanted to try something new so did a short ring making class at a local art’s centre which turned into many nights working from my apartment.  There was something meditative in the ancient lost wax carving process that got me hooked.

What is your latest collection about?

My latest collection is my first collection.  The collection Dreaming Darkness draws on Edgar Allen Poe's work (His poem Annabel Lee was the inspiration for my name), the natural world and the natural processes of life, love and death.

Each piece was in part influenced by time spent in the woods as a child and today with a different perspective. Observing a sense of time passing in the skulls, discarded horseshoes, claws and arrowheads found along the way. And in the presence of life and constant magical change seen in the moon and snakes casting their skins or deer shedding their antlers.

What inspires you?

My inspiration is fairly broad, from the natural world and literature more obviously to memento mori Victorian jewellery, symbols throughout cultures and history.  As well as what I observe from day to day life at gigs, galleries or the theatre to people I pass on the street. 

Best advice anyone has ever given you?

“To thine own self to true” that my mother said to me.

What has been your best moment since starting up your brand?

I would say rather than one moment more that it has allowed me to meet all sorts of creative people, I find that very inspiring.

Five items you can't live without?

My Saint Christopher necklace, I’m not religious but my grandmother always used to wear one.  I use it as a symbol of protection.

Navajo Ring from my collection – is that narcissistic?

Levis Jeans that I wear until they fall a part.

Leather jacket (don’t make me choose which one)

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