Stalked: Sylvia, Fashion Designer, Anderst

30 November 2015

Sylvia has been an internationally renowned fashion stylist, costume designer and consultant for celebrities, films and design houses. After graduating with a Masters Degree in Fashion and Fine Art in Germany, she was invited to work for German Vogue,which led her to New York and a future in the Fashion and Advertising world. She is known for her elegant, refined and sophisticated eye for style, which she has developed through her years as a staple in the fashion industry. I stumbled across this designer recently when doing a spot of Christmas wish list shopping for myself, one of my favourite pieces which certainly made the cut was her Morla Alrun Sweater, a casual sweater made of a brushed mink cashmere wool mix, with a soft cowl mock neck hand sewn in New York with French seam finishing. Yum!! (First pictured).

I caught up with her over email from New York to find out more about her brand and how she started.

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

It was less a decision than growing into it, a result of my childhood coming from a family of makers and creators. As a little girl my mother made my clothes and handed down her knowledge, while my Painter father taught me the vision, colors and many techniques, which I translated early on into fashion.

Stalked: Annabel Leigh, Jewellery Designer

26 November 2015

Annabel Leigh is the very talent American based jewellery designer whose creations are not only beautiful they are something more.. she wanted her jewellery to feel like armour or amulets that preserve memories, give protection or perhaps bring luck and love if you believe it enough.

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

I’ve always had an aspect of creativity in my life; whether that was dance as a child, theatre studios in college, later photography. I started metal-smithing because at the time I wanted to try something new so did a short ring making class at a local art’s centre which turned into many nights working from my apartment.  There was something meditative in the ancient lost wax carving process that got me hooked.

Stalked: Doriane Sabadac, Emerging Fashion Designer

12 November 2015

I was first captured by Doriane's collection by her stunning use of photography, using the body and form which brings her whole collection together. Graduating in 2015 she based her final collection around a series of photographs by artist Josephine Cardin's; titles " Fading Shades Of Gray ". Based in France I caught up with her over email to find out more about the designer behind the brand.

Why did you decide to get into fashion?

To be right, I dashed into the fashion because I always liked associating clothes between them. Create looks, styles according to what I like. When I integrated ESMOD, I didn’t know how to either draw, or sew. I did not know the world of Fashion, the designers, etc. … I learnt everything during my studies and it is at the end of my last year, during the ESMOD first fashion show, it came up to me that; I wanted to create my own collection too.

Stalked: Vivien Tauchmann, Fashion Designer

6 November 2015

I recently stumbled across the talented Vivien Tauchmann a fashion designer from Germany, fresh out of university. Her focus within her design process is to work conceptually across the borders of fashion to extract new ways to combine material, form and craftsmanship. The aim of her work is to support ideas and opportunities of durability and sustainability in an artistic way.

I caught up with her from Germany to find out more about her and her latest collection.

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

I don’t exactly remember why it became the fashion path. 
Since I can remember I always loved to do something with my hands and create things- out of wood, ceramics, paper and textiles. 
Later, I was fascinated how much expressive power clothing can have, individually and for society. Just think about issues like gender equality.
That was probably the start of my motivation to get into fashion. 
We all wear clothes and even if we don’t care of what we are wearing, we send a statement to the outer world. There lays a huge potential to improve things!

The Burberry Festive Treat

3 November 2015

Firstly to all my lovely readers I'm sorry I have totally fallen off the radar lately, lets just say the day job has taken over slightly but now I can safely say I'll be getting back to normal now that Christmas has launched!!! Here's a little peep at what has been entertaining me at work all this time...

Tonight Burberry launched their 2015 Festive Film, staring an incredible British cast to celebrate 15 years of one of my favourite film/musical and book.. Billy Elliot!

Watch the film here.

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