Stalked: Tarra Rosenbaum, Jewellery Designer

7 October 2015

I stumbled across this very talented jewellery designer recently when I was looking through an old shoot with Alix of Bohemia, in one of these shots she is wearing a bat ring.. and so the hunt started to find the amazing designer behind this beautiful piece of jewellery. Finally I did and of course I had to stalk her for you guys!

Why did you decide to be a jewellery designer?
I don’t know if you decide or if your craft decides for you.
I have always worked with my hands and sometimes I say this is the adult version of what I did as a child. When I went to university I enjoyed the challenge and clarity of the sciences while minoring in art history. In the end I gravitated back to the arts, using my science background to become an art conservator during the day and a jewelry designer in my free time. I love the three dimensional aspect to jewellery, using my sculpting skills along with the technical side of metallurgy which uses my chemistry. It’s a little bit of light engineering and then the pure glam of creating beautiful things and playing with stones from all around the world.      

 What is your latest collection about?

 “Flight” the freedom of finding your own wings and soaring day or night.
Inspired by my travels to Nepal when I was 12 and trips to Bali as an adult, this collection represents pinnacle moments of transformation in my life.

I have this hint of rock and roll with a sweet side so this collection bridges a youthful inspiration with a more recent fascination.  Just before I entered my teen years my brother and I traveled with my parents to India, then onto Nepal for an extended period. One day we saw a very tall tree which from a distance looked as though it's leaves were moving in the breeze, yet there was no breeze. As we came closer we realized it was devoid of all leaves and instead full of large fruit bats. The sight was so intriguing and immense, my fascination with bats began that day.

"I love the sight of swallows flitting and flying about the sky as the day comes to a close and when dusk settles in you can't quite tell if you are seeing swallows or bats flying above. It's a bit of yin and yang."

What inspires you?

Nature, my travels and a colorful background is at the foundation while constantly rejoicing in all the beautiful things that cross my path in a day…. from architecture to a fun interaction with someone I’ve just met. I feel I have had more then 9 lives and I am still young but I take these many experiences and find a creative home expressing them in my jewelry.  For instance my new collection “The God’s” will be expressing my experiences as an art conservator working with Egyptian pieces.

What has been your best moment since starting up your brand?

When out of the blue a year ago the Accessories Editor at Vogue emailed me for a few pieces from my upcoming collection “The God’s”.  There is nothing like being appreciated for your design with no prodding or outside influence just pure appreciation.

Best advice anyone has ever given you?

Be authentic… passionate and caring both inwardly and outwardly.

Five items you can't live without?

my Moleskine journal
pencil box and water colors
my aurora ring with my grandma’s diamond in the center

The Book of Stones.

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