Stalked: Petra Vuletic, Emerging Fashion Designer

2 October 2015

Berlin is known for it's current volume of rising talent, artists and fashion designers are blooming out of this country at the moment, a great example is my latest stalk; Petra Vuletic.

Petra Vuletic was born in 1990, she is a Master student at ESMOD, Berlin, finishing the programme in 2015. During the Bachelor studies she established a brand VULETICHORTIG with her colleague Sasa Hortig. They received several awards and much recognition as a result of their collaboration.

I caught up with her to find out more about her love for design and what inspires her..

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

 I will be honest and say that I don’t remember, I guess I was attracted by the feeling of freedom in the fashion industry, you could do anything and it was always contemporary. Fashion industry is kind of obsessed with novelties, and I am not an exception. I am still driven by that, however now I love how diverse notion of the fashion can be and how far you go into an idea just to make a piece of wearable garment, trend or a statement.

What is your latest collection about?

The core idea was to draw out the contradicted elements throughout the making of the S/S 2016 collection.

Naturally tanned fur, which is a by-product and commonly used for interior design, adds an unsophisticated touch to the collection. This untamed fur is combined with beautiful peace silk to engender an opposing element. Aesthetics of the collection was inspired by the silhouette of Richard Serra's sculptures, in which he displays the significant unification of stiffness and the natural flow of delicate fabrics. His sculptures look very sophisticated, as they have some flow, when they don’t. I tried to achieve that with the fur I used, and with the homogenous colour palette. 

What inspires you?

Well, inspiration is vague, I could be inspired by what someone said or by a piece of art, but mostly it is some kind of a philosophy that gives me a feeling of what kind of collection I want, after that i’m circling around it, connecting pieces and technicalities that fit into this philosophy. It is very constant and personal state, definitely not that feeling that strikes you in the middle of the night and then you have to write it down, because it was so sudden. 

Best advice anyone has ever given you?

The best advices are always the ones that make you question what you normally forget to question. It’s not the advice itself, it is where it comes from and that is repeatedly from the closest people of mine, probably because they know me the best and know what I react to.

What has been you best moment since starting up your brand?

Every day brings something new and pleasant, I cannot pin point on the exact event, and I would always say the one that is coming.

Five items you can't live without?

If I disregard essentials, and think of what I use the most, then I would say my phone, earphones, tea, glasses and eyebrow pencil haha. 


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