Stalked: Arina, Fashion Designer, PRITCH LONDON

30 September 2015

I stalked Arina a while back when she was on her AW14 collection, who is the designer behind Pritch London, the most INCREDIBLE leather brand! 
This talented designer has a fab personality to shoot and her bubbliness is hard not to fall for, thats why I always love shooting her, so when I bumped into her at the Pez party during LFW, I simply has to meet up with her the following day to find out more about her latest collection. 

What's your latest collection all about and what were you inspired by?

it is inspired by the femininity of the woman, her innocence and inside beauty... Remember, she is a rebel outside, but very a soft soul inside..

Double Take Stalking at London Fashion Week 2015

28 September 2015

During London Fashion Week stylish individuals are incredibly easy to find and without being a stalker in a sweet shop and stopping everyone, it was time for some selective stalking. 

These were some of my favourite ladies I couldn't help but do a double take and stalk!

LFW: SS16 Pheobe English Presention

26 September 2015

What a truly stunning show by this ever emerging talent Pheobe English, a name that is being a very well loved one within the industry.

Her SS16 collection was a beautiful marriage of textures, simply monotone palette and simplistic silhouettes.  It was an original and sophisticated take on deconstruction, all in all a wonderful collection... Excellent work Pheobe!

LFW: Day 2 Back To The Soho Streets

22 September 2015

London Fashion Week for the last 6 years has been held in the elegant surroundings of Somerset House but this season things have changed.. Now against the backdrop of chinese restaurants and brothels, London Fashion Week has found a new home and that home would be no other place than Soho! 

Being held in this location lent itself perfectly for some playful and more interesting street style photography but forget Brewer Street in which the main hub of London Fashion Week was residing (the location of the designer showrooms and show space). This street can only be described as fashion chaos, as cars honked at posing fashionistas and bloggers to pass and crowds gasped as stinky rubbish lorries ploughed though these immaculately dressed individuals! Brewer street certainly is worth seeing but you'll go mad if you're there longer than 5 minutes!! 

I instead took to the streets to see what I could stalk in the surrounding area...  

LFW Day 1: The Pez Party, Camilla Elphick

20 September 2015

On Friday the talented shoe designer Camilla Elphick launched her latest SS16 collection in a super cool showroom on the back streets of Soho, right next door to the famous night club The Box. 

Sweet sounds boomed from the speaker as the DJ played all night, with guests sipping on glasses of bubbly and green tea cocktails, this party was certainly an excellent way to start the London Fashion Week festivities!

A Very Special Opening: Ai Weiwei

17 September 2015

On Wednesday, a very special and long anticipated exhibition opening took place, that was of course the arrival of Ai Weiwei and his first UK exhibition since his release from China. Ai Weiwei is a Chinese contemporary artist and activist, who was imprisoned by the Chinese authorities for speaking his mind. 

I was lucky to be invited to the opening party at the RA, along with the likes of Grayson Perry and many other big art figures. Ai got up on stage at the end of the speeches, didn't say anything, but his audience went crazy! Here are a few little snaps from the opening.

Stalked: Daniela Gina Geraci, Emerging Designer.

14 September 2015

My latest emerging designer stalk is Daniela Geraci, an illustrator and print designer. Her final major project was titled ‘Too Hard to Care’ is a luxury collection of glitter coated textural and illustrative prints. 

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

I always loved playing dress up and drawing as a kid and when I was 10 years old I read an article in a magazine about fashion design - and thats when I realised it could be an actual career, so from then onwards it's what I wanted to do.

Stalked: Yitan Sun, Design Director, W.S.Studio

11 September 2015

Like a touch of faux fur? 

If so you will love the young designers, behind W. S. Studio and their latest collection. Inspired by the Mongolia Wrestler culture, styles are loose, random and mysterious. 

I met up with the two founders to discuss the brand and to find out what makes them tick..

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

When I was young, I liked cutting newspapers, shaping them and dressing my friends with them. Later, I was in high school, I watched a fashion show on television, it was Dior's Haute couture show by John Galliano, the concept was "Madam Butterfly". I felt the show was like a dream, especially the last scene was amazing, then I fell in love with it and I think of fashion design as a dream making machine which could help my dreams come true. So I decided to come to London to learn how to design.

Stalked: Simone Leimgruber, Emerging Fashion Designer, Le Fille

8 September 2015

Recently I stumbled across the very talented menswear designer, Simone Leimgruber, the creative brains behind the brand Le Fille. Simone challenges the boundaries of menswear without breaking any traditional codes, her designs are focused on high quality and attention to details with a sporty twist and a feminine aesthetic build the core.

I caught up with her to find out how she's shaping her brand and what inspires her..

Why did you decide to get into fashion? 

I am drawn to everything aesthetically and fashion seams so naturally in expressing this. Five years ago my parents took me to a design exhibition where fashion schools advertised their courses and I realised that this can be a realistic profession. After a year of gaining technical skills at the Swiss Textile College I moved to London with the ambition to study in a vibrant fashion metropolis. And here I am, still enjoying the richness of cultural resources and opportunities.

Stalked: Roy Kersten, Fashion Designer

1 September 2015

I stumbled across Roy Kersten lately, an emerging fashion designer based in London - I loved his use of feminine silhouettes and minimalist designs. I caught up with him to find out more about his latest collection.

Why did you decide to be a fashion designer? 

I love the idea of enhancing women's beauty by making intricate yet elegant looking designs.

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