Stalked: Emerging Fashion Designer, Chu Wang

3 August 2015

Please may I introduce you to another of tomorrows big designers, Chu Wang, a recent graduate who I discovered at Graduate Fashion Week and absolutely adored his stunning designers, drawing on his Chinese upbringing. I caught up with him to find out more about his collection and whats next..

What do you love about designing? 

I am always inspired by a multitude to things from a location to architecture to photography and even a piece of plain paper. I like to combine 2D work from different media and develop it into 3D.

 What was the inspiration behind your final collection?

-The inspiration of my graduate collection is from the 17 Century Japanese kimono. I collected some vintage kimono pieces to develop and research the skills and making of a kimono. I also applied some kimonos detail and silhouette in my collection, such as the way of wearing. I did the research about an installation artist Chris Fraser. His art works inspired me a lot, his use of light to separate a space. He used white light and white space but the space seems separated into different layers and contains various degrees of white colour. This inspired me to use the same colour but different degree of this colour to create my collection and the straight cut space is quite simple and clean, it is also the mood and idea I would like to incarnate on my collection. Hayal Pozanti, a visual artist who produces paintings made up of lots of pure and strong colours to create reflected shapes, this strong contrast creates a sense of beauty. I researched the kimono taking in consideration my own background, as Chinese, I think the glamour of ancient oriental cloth is very connotative.

Who are the designers that inspire you?

Phoebe Philo, Jil Sander

What's next.. A brand or working for a designer? 

I’m going continue to study at Kingston University for MA and following this I will then start up my own brand.

What five items can you not live without?

- Phone
- Laptop
- Film camera
- Watch
- Magazine


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