Stalked: Sasha Cherovsky, Jewellery Designer, Raw Taste.

6 July 2015

Sasha Cherovsky is not only a very talented jewellery designer, she is also an artist, with her jewellery, photography and film all having a beautifully 'raw' edge. She values quality over quantity, uniqueness over conventional and spiritual energy over emptiness. Sasha's designs the kind of jewellery which you can easily obsess over and get addicted to wanting to wear more and more.. she is undoubtedly one of my favourite jewellery designers at the moment.

What do you love about jewellery design? 

I love to let the material I'm sculpting speak to me. I rarely sketch or plan a design in advance. After exploring a texture and material and having prototypes, I will move on to more rational business decisions. 

What inspires you?

I am so curious about how everything is made. The passion behind the people who have invented objects or new ways to make them is fascinating to me. At different times during the creation of my pieces, I will let different aspects of what I like inspire me. Sometimes it's the peace and tranquility of remote nature, sometimes it's stylish women like Betony Vernon, Ann Demeulemeester, Linda Rodin, Iris Apfel and Michelle Lamy and other times it's architecture I've seen during my travels. It really depends of the mood I'm in.


My favourite piece is the bone earring which curves up along the edge of the ear, where did you get the idea to do this from? 

Thank you! I had the skull of a small lynx and sat down, stared at it, studied the lines, and let the details speak to me. I envisioned places I could saw it, where I could resculpt it in wax, and identified the shapes and lines I liked. That piece stems from the part of the skull that would would hold the eye socket of the animal.

How do you think jewellery design and film will develop in the next 10 years? 

I think it really depends for which type of brand we're speaking of. Jewellery is one of the oldest art forms; the ancient techniques will always be valued for their special processes. There is a dichotomy, however. Two trends are on the rise; handmade jewellery and 3D printed. Designers and customers will have to give in to one camp or the other, since they are from two ends of the spectrum. The clever designers will find a way to mix both, which is the direction I'm aiming for.

What's next for the brand? 

I was in Italy for 5 months at a Contemporary Jewellery school, where I had complete freedom testing out any and every technique I wished to. I developed a way to make large, lightweight, high-quality sculptural pieces. They will be available in galleries and curated boutique shops in both Europe and North America.

What advice would you give to fellow designers starting their own brand? 

The advice I would give to new-comers would be to stay true to yourself and learn from other peoples mistakes before making them yourself! Create something new, do not try to imitate. It won't be good for business as the products already exist, you'll make enemies, and it won't satisfy you. Stay true and believe in your work.

The Beautful Sasha....

Five items you can't live without? 

That is a very hard question, as I just came back from living in a suitcase for 6 months! I came to realize the less you have the safer you feel. The things I did carry with me were 1) my 2 passports, 2) my iPhone for e-tickets, pictures and emails, 3) my tools 4) a selection of Raw Taste samples, 5) my business cards. I guess that is also advice for newcomers....always be ready for business.



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