Stalked: Megan Clinch, Emerging Lingerie Designer

20 July 2015

Lingerie is one of those items which I always find I can justify spending the money on and I’ve always been slightly obsessed with this particular (under) garment. I remember my first internship was with the well known luxury lingerie shop Myla and there was something I enjoyed about organising their huge press samples cupboard full of sexy negligée and crotch-less panties!!

So for a while I’ve been on the search for an emerging lingerie designer to get on the blog, finally I found her at Graduate Fashion Week, please may I introduce, Megan Clinch...

Why did you decide to specialise in lingerie design? 

I never even considered doing lingerie before university, I knew I wanted to work in fashion but had no idea what I wanted to specialise in. It wasn't until we started learning about lingerie/swimwear in second year which led me to decide that is what I wanted to do! I chose to create swimwear in my second year and then moved into lingerie for the third and fourth years after interning at a lingerie company in my placement year. I've really loved it ever since I started it in second year, and am definitely glad I've chosen this path.

What techniques did you use to create your graduation collection? 

My graduate collection is all very fragile, and delicate. I did not use typical lingerie fabrics as I wanted to create very sheer looks whilst keeping it ethical. My whole collection is about going against the fast-fashion, high street, ready-to-wear garments we all purchase on a regular basis, so the creation of each of my garments took a considerable amount of time with free-hand embroidery and handmade straps and trims. I used simple shapes but made them my own with different layering techniques and panels of free-hand embroidery, (this I did with an embroidery hoop and a domestic machine.) The trims I created by spending time experimenting with different stitches on the sewing machine, layering different fabrics and distressing them in different ways to create unique finishes.

 What inspires you?

I am really passionate about animals and raising awareness of human's over-consumption of everything really. This is what had inspired my collection's embroidery patterns from looking at the aftermath of pollution and different 'patterns' it leaves behind, and I also studied into the effects the human lifestyle has on animals. The delicacy of my designs were reflections of my research drawings of the delicate animals being affected by pollution. 

On the lighter side of things (you can often sacrifice design quality in order to be ethical so I needed to ensure that my collection was still aesthetically pleasing!) I also take a lot of inspiration from what I see on social media and trend forecasting sites. There's so many amazing lingerie companies out there making a name for themselves largely through the power of social media, particularly Instagram. I follow pretty much any lingerie company I can find on there and love seeing updates. Similarly I also follow loads of illustrators and artists as this is something I'm big on too, and more often than not my design inspiration will come from my illustrations.

 Where would you like to see you're brand in 10 years time? 

I would love to have my own atelier/shop in London! The whole idea of my brand is everything is made to measure so customers would place their order and receive it as soon as it was made. With a shop it would be great to be able to have customers come in for fittings and a great way for them to understand what the brand is all about. I would class myself as an exclusive, high-end lingerie brand and would love to be able to create a name for myself and be able to create one off pieces for people that I admire! 

What five items can you not live without? 

1- Black clothing!
2- Sunglasses, I'm literally the most obsessed with sunglasses.
3- My iPod/ iPhone/Macbook (3 in one but I'm always attached to one of them)
4- My sewing machine! It's special to me as my mum bought it for my for my 21st birthday present. For years I was always trying to make things on her old singer (which is in dire need of a service) and getting frustrated that it wouldn't work! 
5- My little Jack Russell, Tilly, not an item but I'm so obsessed with her, I just could not live without her!


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