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29 June 2015

I recently stumbled across this luxury womenswear label designer, Sofia French, an emerging designer who creates garments with attention to textures and silhouettes. 

I caught up with her on her brand and what inspires her.

How did you get into design and what do you love about your job? 

From the little age I was completely obsessed with fabrics and creating dresses for myself. Unfortunately my life goes in different direction and I went to study business, but my passion was growing inside of me. When I was ready to make the most important decision of changing my life , I move to Italy to study fashion in one of the most prestige's school in Instituto Marangoni. Since that moment I am very happy and I am blessed for what I am doing.
If I must be honest I love everything of my job, the most I guess designing process and how famine woman's look like in my creations.

What inspires your designs?

In my designs I see the world that is around me and nature, colours, shapes.
The most important during my creations is beauty of woman. I think this is what inspires me the most.

What's the most challenging aspect of starting up a brand? 

In my opinion the most challenging is to gain the clients through the famous brands, it is very difficult to others see what you create when you starting up and no one knows you.

Where do you shop? And does your personal style inspire your designs? 

It is funny fact, but when I started my brand I stopped shopping ;)
I create and do clothes for myself, only things that I am buying are bags and shoes.

Who are the designers you love at the moment? 

I really admire Louis Vuitton all collections since Nicolas Ghesquiere became main designer. This man is the greatest designer alive for me. I truly loved Alexander McQueen and his imaginary too, but these days it isn't the same as it was.

Five items you can't live without?

Five items that I could not live without are clothes and accessories! What else could it be ! ;)
Most important : pair of skinny jeans, little black dress, leather short jacket, black high heels and of course little channel classic bag.


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