Stalked: Giovanni Paolini, Emerging Womenswear Designer

15 June 2015

Originally from Italy, the very talented emerging designer, Giovanni Paolini graduated from London College of Fashion with a MA Fashion Design and Technology in Womenswear. With details and a particular eye for traditions and craft techniques, Giovanni creates an exciting and fresh conversation between different worlds old and new. Effortless and empowering silhouettes meet dramatic choices of textures and decorations. "Tactile-couture" as a new definition that is characteristic of the label's research method, with a rich choice of fabrics and the use of different techniques to pursue a personal sense of femininity.

I caught up with him on how he’s making a name for himself after graduating.

Why did you decide to be a fashion designer and what do you love about it?

For me is very much a question of emotions. For two reasons, I like the idea of dressing a personality, or better still, the idea of a personality coming out through the clothes. Then there is the craft side of it:  the initial process for my creativity starts with the basics, a pencil and a blank page and that is where it begins. Through drawings I express my thoughts, imagination and ideas. Once I’ve sketched these onto paper, then all the rest follows.

What inspires you?
It can be literally anything. I’m an observer, can be the detail of a building, or even some one passing me by on the street can trigger a creative moment. Sometimes a music video clip and Art. Yes Art is definitely a big influence, because I studied fine art and sculpture before choosing fashion. And then there are personalities that I admire, past and present. I like to imagine what clothes I'd like to see on them.

What was your latest collection based on?

My last collection was based on the sense of touch. My prerogative was to offer an exciting tactile experience. Therefore, the choice to work materials such wools and rope, using embroideries techniques for embellishment. All inspired from the sea and a fictional witch deluded by her lover.

How important do you think internships are to emerging designers?

Internships are a fundamental step in the formation of young designers. A necessary tool to build up your stamina and prove your dedication to be part of this business, while getting to know it from a privileged point of view.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would say is pretty basic. I like to wear layers. But my addiction is black, its always about black and another passion of mine is that I like to collect band t-shirts.

 Where do you shop in London?

Unfortunately to say most of it happens on-line: and Harvey Nichols who do great deals when sales are on. But where I can I like to support local or new designers. This support is important to me.

Five items you can't live without?
Sketchbooks, my laptop, a necklace with a sword pendant gift of a dear friend, a photo of my dog and good sense of humour

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  1. great interview! he has such a cool style :D


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