Stalked: Jolanta, Emerging Designer, Sofia French

29 June 2015

I recently stumbled across this luxury womenswear label designer, Sofia French, an emerging designer who creates garments with attention to textures and silhouettes. 

I caught up with her on her brand and what inspires her.

How did you get into design and what do you love about your job? 

From the little age I was completely obsessed with fabrics and creating dresses for myself. Unfortunately my life goes in different direction and I went to study business, but my passion was growing inside of me. When I was ready to make the most important decision of changing my life , I move to Italy to study fashion in one of the most prestige's school in Instituto Marangoni. Since that moment I am very happy and I am blessed for what I am doing.
If I must be honest I love everything of my job, the most I guess designing process and how famine woman's look like in my creations.

Stalked: Ludovica Gioscia, Artist

25 June 2015

Ludovica is a very talented conceptual artist, whom I met at a private view of Jesse Darling (also a previous stalk). She is fascinated by the psychological mechanisms that underpin marketing strategies and our relationship with consumption. In particular in accumulation and destruction, and she often portrays this cycle in her artworks.

Why did you decide to become an artist and what do you love about it? 

The only thing I was good at in primary school was making pasta collages and little balls of compressed paper...That is exactly what I am still doing today! The thing that I still deeply love about being an artist is the making of the work, getting my hands dirty with blobs of paint and the sense of fascination that hits me when materials behave unexpectedly.

Stalked: Joe, Fashion Designer. La Terre Est Folle

22 June 2015

Joe Arida grew up in Beirut, following a career working in advertising and fashion, he decided to start his own brand in 2014, LA TERRE EST FOLLE. He specialises in unique furniture and fashion, with his debut clothing line which was shown at Fashion Forward Dubai Apr. 2015. The Label values polyvalence and function - LTF makes a bold contemporary statement with wardrobe staples.

I caught up with him over email from London to Beirut to find out more about his brand and what he has planned for the future.

How did you get into design and what do you love about it?

I always knew i would end up in a creative field. I got into design by mistake, having graduated with a business degree i worked as a copyrighter then an assistant set designer in advertising - we would build thing only to destroy them, which is where i started experimenting, first by using the same artisanal process and raw materials but blending in some more durable or noble ones to craft furniture pieces - after developing a line of cushions i sewed some fabric to sew into a t-shirt, and it got quite a bit of attention, so i was giving them out then taking orders, and thats how it started :) and i love everything about it!

Stalked: Giovanni Paolini, Emerging Womenswear Designer

15 June 2015

Originally from Italy, the very talented emerging designer, Giovanni Paolini graduated from London College of Fashion with a MA Fashion Design and Technology in Womenswear. With details and a particular eye for traditions and craft techniques, Giovanni creates an exciting and fresh conversation between different worlds old and new. Effortless and empowering silhouettes meet dramatic choices of textures and decorations. "Tactile-couture" as a new definition that is characteristic of the label's research method, with a rich choice of fabrics and the use of different techniques to pursue a personal sense of femininity.

I caught up with him on how he’s making a name for himself after graduating.

Why did you decide to be a fashion designer and what do you love about it?

For me is very much a question of emotions. For two reasons, I like the idea of dressing a personality, or better still, the idea of a personality coming out through the clothes. Then there is the craft side of it:  the initial process for my creativity starts with the basics, a pencil and a blank page and that is where it begins. Through drawings I express my thoughts, imagination and ideas. Once I’ve sketched these onto paper, then all the rest follows.

Basic To Basic Stalking

12 June 2015

I stalked this little recently, I loved her simply perfect styling and those culottes, how we do love them!!

Stalked: Lionel Smit, Artist

9 June 2015

I have long followed and admired the work of the extraordinarily talented South African artist, Lionel Smit, therefore, on his recent visit to London I simply had to stalk him! Lionel's following is enormous and his collectors travel from all over the world whenever he exhibits in London. Often his work will be a sell out even before the show opens.

I caught up with Lionel over a drink to find out what his latest show was about and his new venture into photography. 

Did you always know you wanted to be an artist and how did you break into this very competitive industry? 

My father is a sculptor, so I grew up in a home where creating things were the norm.
As a kid we would visit artists' studios, museums, galleries etc… It all just rubbed off on me and before I knew it I was brainwashed into doing it myself.

Stalked: Davina Mulford, Milliner

1 June 2015

The Ascot countdown has started and wedding invitations are rolling in for the summer so, I think it's that time again for a spot of Hat Stalking!!

My latest stalk is with the lovely emerging talent, Davina Mulford, a trained milliner. I caught up with her at her studio over a cappuccino, to find out about her new brand, her favourite hat moments and whats to come in the future.

Why did you decide to start your own hat company and what do you love about it?

After 13 years of working in the food industry, I was itching to go down a different route, and having always been into fashion, enrolled on a short course in Millinery at the London College of Fashion.  I loved every minute of the course, learning about the different hat making processes, and decided to explore millinery further, leaving my job and re-training as a milliner.  I worked as an intern for Gina Foster and Noel Stewart, and in 2015 decided to take the plunge and set up on my own.
It’s early days, but I am really enjoying the challenge as well as the endless possibilities of running my own business.  What I love the most is helping women to look fabulous - many customers who come to me have never worn a hat before, and after wearing one of mine, say that they are converted - now that’s mission accomplished in my view! 

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