The Year Of The Denim Darling

15 May 2015

This year maybe the year of the Sheep for the Chinese, but for the fashion world ... it's got to be the denim!!
Some of my favourite brands that have harnessed this are Burberry, with their wasp waist denim jacket with shearling and ostridge feather, then there's Acne with their awesome patchwork denim and oversized boyfriend jackets.

Here are some of my favourite denim darling stalks, starting with Pandora Sykes; Wardobe Mistress of The Sunday Time Style Magazine.

My favourite dungarees that my boyfriend teases; 'I look like a lumberjack'!

All hand stitched patches! 

One of my favourite places to browse at the moment is ASOS' dedicated denim shop.. soo worth a butchers!



I adore all your comments!

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