Stalked: Rochaele Siobhan, Emerging Fashion Designer

6 May 2015

Rochaele Siobhan is a British emerging womenswear fashion designer whom graduated from The University for the Creative Arts with a Masters of Arts in fashion at the end of 2014. Her designs are inspired by all things architectural, textural and cultural. I caught up with her on her work and her future plans..

What do you love about design and what inspired your final collection? 

I love designing because it is the best way for me to express my thinking externally to the outside world. I am inspired by all things textural, architectural and cultural.  My MA collection The Unapologetic Body was inspired by identity with particular interest in the visual aspects of the body which steamed from curiosity of the relationship between the body, fashion and identity.  The collection highlights how the skin and the body can be adapted with external elements to create an identity the individual is happy to portray to the social world and the different meanings these communicate about the individual. I used a variety of textures incorporated into this collection to highlight the important role the skin and the body play in how we choose to incorporate our identity to our social environment for example scarification, mutilation, tattooing and adorning the body with external factors. Looking at the collection as a whole the idea of exposing body parts is used throughout; sheerness and cut out portions within this collection represents the idea of being dressed without essentially covering the body. This idea steamed from the fact that nakedness is an inappropriate act in almost all social situations and that in social situations we are all required to appear dressed, although what constitutes as dress will depend on the situation or the occasion.

Who are you're favourite designers at the moment? 

I would have to say my favourite designers and that inspire me and teach me to push boundaries would be Mary Katrantzou for her use of digitally enhanced prints, David Koma for his use of different fabrics and technical ability mixed with simple silhouettes and Balmain the brand’s fabric manipulation ability is just out of this world the brand creates such complex and intricate features that just oozes fierceness and sex appeal.

 Although you are now doing graphic design for a big brand, do you see yourself going back into designing?

Designing is definitely my number one passion, but by exploring graphic design has allowed me to explore new skills which have then influenced me to bring into my designing process. I believe it good to explore different creative fields you never know what or where your next big idea will develop from.

How would you describe your personal style? 

I would have to say simple with not much fuss, I don’t particularly follow any trends I tend to go with the flow and choose on the basis of how I’m feeling on that particular day. My go to items are jeans, a shirt (with a statement necklace) and leather jacket I tend to add colour via one of these items just to show a bit of my personality.

Five items you can't live without? 

My Samsung galaxy helps me multitask on the go, IPod music allows me to drift away into my own world while commuting in and around London, Snake print Vans ideal for running around as well as adding an extra bit of detail to any outfit. Hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream my guilty pleasure and a great pick me up to start any morning. Scented candles help me to unwind and sometimes get my creative juices flowing.



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