Stalked: Henry Hussay, Emerging Artist.

19 May 2015

 Henry Hussay is a recent graduate from The Royal College of Art specialising in textiles. There is a strong narrative strain running through all of his work, and a fascination with mythology and storytelling.

I caught up with Henry to find out about his recent show at Huntergather Store/ Cafe and his forthcoming show at Art15.

Why did you decide you wanted to be an artist?

I never planned to be an artist it grew from a need and urge to express myself in a far more thoughtful and reflective manner. The artworks are directly linked to my personal life and in order to combat my own struggles I create works to house this strife. Thereby turning them into a physical manifestation so that they unable to weigh me down and I can move forward.

You graduated from one of the worlds most prestigious and renowned art schools, the RCA, how have you found this has helped you launch into the art world so far? 

I could not be more appreciative of my education and textile training at the RCA it has given me a formable range of techniques and disciplines that I utilise on a daily basis. Not only did the course give me an understanding of composition, colour palettes and the physical requirements of material it was a strengthening tool in knowing how to present oneself to the world in a professional and assertive manner.

How to do you think the relationship between art and fashion is developing at the moment? 

Due to my background in textiles I am still engaged with fashion and I am interested in seeing how the art world and high-end couture cross-pollinate. After visiting the McQueen exhibition I immediately recommended it to both designers and artist alike as the works on display transcended past clothing. With the spectrum of techniques on show and the way in which the pieces were stunningly curated it made for an exuberant experience.

How would you describe your personal style?  

For me garments and cloth are not simply items you wear, they are stories and have their own narratives. I enjoy wearing pieces of clothing my friends have made as I can see there mark-making on the materials and know how it has been shaped by their hand. I would prefer only buying one garment a year if I knew that it had been made with conviction and it laboured over with care.

Who are your favourite emerging artists at the moment? 

An artist whose work I truly admire is that of Dale Adcock and his monumental paintings that are both abstract and represent reverential structures. His use of scale is something to behold as he is able to create a sense of drama and scope, which few artists are doing today. He is not afraid to work large and his paintings are awe-inspiring it would be a dream to own one.

Five items you can't live without?

1 – My one-off pip coat by Workhouse England made from brown khaki with a cotton twill lining.
2 – A bespoke 3-piece suit by Workhouse England cut from woollen cloth with the back of the waistcoat in moleskin.
3 – 3 silver necklaces I have with all the pendants being family heirlooms that I wear on a daily basis.
4 – A long double-sided silk scarf in red with a chain pattern running down it, this piece belonged to my great uncle and is older than me.
5 – In a short space on time I have become inseparable from the 8-piece baker boy hat that I bought from Thomas Farthing.



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