Behind The Scenes Stalking: Hobbs SS15

29 May 2015

In a grand house looking over the luscious green expanse of Clapham Common the Hobbs team set about producing their SS15 campaign, in which I sneaked along to take a few cheeky snaps for their social media channels, and also bring to all my lovely followers a peep behind the scenes of this successful high street brand.

The shoot was styled by Miranda Almond, a freelance stylist when she is not acting as fashion editor for Harpers Bazaar. Their SS15 collection is out and has some fabulous pieces in it, check it and some the full campaign here.

Stalked: Vivien Zhang, Emerging Artist

25 May 2015

Born in Beijing and raised in both Nairobi and Bangkok, the Royal College of Art graduate Vivien Zhang is definitely an artist on the rise and one to keep on your 'artists to watch' list. I first came across her work at her graduate show and then later on at the London Gallery Rook & Raven. I caught up with her recently to find out more about her work and her plans for the future.

When did you first know you wanted to be an artist?

When I was a kid I thought about becoming an art teacher, a detective, and an orchestra timpani player. In my opinion, an artist is the amalgamation of all three – unravelling the challenges which one sets for oneself, whilst juggling a multitude of activities at the same time. I don’t think I ever had second thoughts about doing art and applying for art school. I went to international schools and completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Several subjects had been my strong point, but when it came to choosing a subject for university, I simply felt art was the “correct” choice. I did wonder though, for a while, if other people’s encouragement also contributed to my own decision to not think twice about doing art.

A lot of unexpected and frustrating things about being an artist revealed themselves only after I started pursuing the path of being an artist. There’s more at stake than what I imagine, always, but all the discomfort genuinely makes it feel like yet a further life-challenge

Stalked: Henry Hussay, Emerging Artist.

19 May 2015

 Henry Hussay is a recent graduate from The Royal College of Art specialising in textiles. There is a strong narrative strain running through all of his work, and a fascination with mythology and storytelling.

I caught up with Henry to find out about his recent show at Huntergather Store/ Cafe and his forthcoming show at Art15.

Why did you decide you wanted to be an artist?

I never planned to be an artist it grew from a need and urge to express myself in a far more thoughtful and reflective manner. The artworks are directly linked to my personal life and in order to combat my own struggles I create works to house this strife. Thereby turning them into a physical manifestation so that they unable to weigh me down and I can move forward.

The Year Of The Denim Darling

15 May 2015

This year maybe the year of the Sheep for the Chinese, but for the fashion world ... it's got to be the denim!!
Some of my favourite brands that have harnessed this are Burberry, with their wasp waist denim jacket with shearling and ostridge feather, then there's Acne with their awesome patchwork denim and oversized boyfriend jackets.

Here are some of my favourite denim darling stalks, starting with Pandora Sykes; Wardobe Mistress of The Sunday Time Style Magazine.

Stalked: Mantesso and Jimmy Choo.

13 May 2015

You may have noticed the popularity amongst designers to start to see the comical side of fashion and to incorporate what makes us smile with what we love. Anya Hindmarch springs to mind with her love for not taking things too seriously since 2007 with her collection ‘I’m Not a Plastic Bag’ tote bag sending the fashion pack into a frenzy. Most recently she created bags emblazoned with our old friend Tony The Tiger, the mascot for Kellogg’s Frosties, a breakfast cereal. 

Another brand who has also embraced the lighter side of life is Jimmy Choo, with their recent collaboration with the Brazilian artist Rafael Mantesso, who made his beloved pup the subject of his work following a divorce that left him with an empty, furniture-less house and Jimmy Choo the pup. Over time, Mantesso began filling the blank white walls of his home with tongue-in-cheek illustrations, photographing the terrier against the backdrop of these images in comical poses: resting on the sofa with a martini by his side, or DJing on a pair of turntables.

Stalked: Rawan, Fashion Designer, Veni Vici Couture

11 May 2015

As we enter into May the time comes to start thinking of wedding dresses for the 'season' which is fast approaching. I have my first wedding in June, in the beautiful countryside of Leicestershire.. the question is now, what do I wear!!! As I was searching online for something a little bit different I came across this little gem of a designer, whose flying the flag high for couture!

What do you do and why did you decide to start your own brand? 

I am a fashion designer; I started my first collection with an haute couture line. I decided to go with high end so I can go all out and be as creative as possible. I have always loved evening gowns but never found what I really wanted, so I decided to create my own dresses and that's how it all started. I love mixing edgy with elegant and that is reflected in my first collection.
It’s been a real journey but definitely worth itJ. I am now working on my RTW Collection so watch this space….

Stalked: Elinor Avni, Jewellery Designer, Noritamy

7 May 2015

Recently I met one of the two very talented mother and daughter duo behind the well known jewellery brand Noritamy. Mother, jeweller Tammar Edelman and architect Elinor Avni merged to start up their own brand bringing what they love together to make something truly special. I interviewed Elinor when she over exhibiting during London Fashion Week and heard about her exciting brand.

How did you get into jewellery design and what do you love about your job?

got into jewellery after my mom studied jewellery making- i fell in love instantly and decided to close my interior design studio and turn to jewellery.
I love the fact that i get to reinvent myself over and over, that the possibilities are endless, that i get to travel so much and meet new exciting people.

Stalked: Rochaele Siobhan, Emerging Fashion Designer

6 May 2015

Rochaele Siobhan is a British emerging womenswear fashion designer whom graduated from The University for the Creative Arts with a Masters of Arts in fashion at the end of 2014. Her designs are inspired by all things architectural, textural and cultural. I caught up with her on her work and her future plans..

What do you love about design and what inspired your final collection? 

I love designing because it is the best way for me to express my thinking externally to the outside world. I am inspired by all things textural, architectural and cultural.  My MA collection The Unapologetic Body was inspired by identity with particular interest in the visual aspects of the body which steamed from curiosity of the relationship between the body, fashion and identity.  The collection highlights how the skin and the body can be adapted with external elements to create an identity the individual is happy to portray to the social world and the different meanings these communicate about the individual. I used a variety of textures incorporated into this collection to highlight the important role the skin and the body play in how we choose to incorporate our identity to our social environment for example scarification, mutilation, tattooing and adorning the body with external factors. Looking at the collection as a whole the idea of exposing body parts is used throughout; sheerness and cut out portions within this collection represents the idea of being dressed without essentially covering the body. This idea steamed from the fact that nakedness is an inappropriate act in almost all social situations and that in social situations we are all required to appear dressed, although what constitutes as dress will depend on the situation or the occasion.

Festival Time!

1 May 2015

It's that time of year again to bring out the ripped jeans, cut off shorts, crop tops and yep those wellies - it's festival time !

I've already started planning my festival look for this season so as my tickets for Wilderness have just arrived.. so with the help from New Look's festival shop i'm nearly sorted with full on boho festival chic! Here are a few of my must haves this season.

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