Stalked: Dee Kurttekin, Marketing Manager, Superga

27 April 2015

I met the lovely Dee on a cold morning a few weeks ago for a walk along the river and to discuss her very interesting role for the popular shoe brand Superga, who are making waves within the industry with their strategy for collaborations.

 What do you do and what's the funniest part of your job? 

I am the Marketing Manager for Superga in the UK. My job involves working with our social and PR agencies on a day - to - day basis to make sure all our communications are aligned and we're working towards our strategy, looking into potential collaborations, supporting our retail Stores and e-commerce ­ we've opened up 3 new stores since the start of the year, including Bath, Guildford and Notting Hill, so its been a busy time for us.  The funniest part of my job I would say are the people I work with. No matter what job you do, you end up spending more time with people at work than anyone else in your life so it really helps having funny, passionate colleagues.  We always have a good laugh around our table!

How are you placing Superga ahead of other competitor brands at the moment?

We've been working very hard in the UK to align Superga as the fashion sneaker of choice. Our campaigns, our collaborations all work towards one thing; showing how Superga is the sneaker of choice in the fashion industry. We work with established and rising talent within the industry; whether it be designers / brands for collaboration collections, models and influencers for campaigns. For 2015s campaign we've actually managed to get on board Binx, the one model EVERYONE in the industry is talking about.  She's done almost every campaign possible from Celine and Chanel in 2014 to Tom Ford, DKNY and Fendi in 2015s and obviously us! The campaign caused a very big splash across the UK media, so we are absolutely chuffed.  Any link up we do has to feel natural for us, that is probably the most important thing ­ we always consider this when approaching brands and people to work with.

What's been the most interesting collaboration so far? 

I find it so hard to pick just one! As a brand, we've worked with a range of brands from the likes of Fendi, The Row, House of Holland, Giles Deacon, J.Crew and also influential figures within the industry like Chiara Ferragni of the Blonde Salad and Leandra Medine of the Man Repeller. I would have loved to get my hands on one of The Row per Superga cashmere ones but they were US exclusives. The satin ones I have on today are from the second Man Repeller per Superga range, I never thought I would have satin shoes that I get SO much wear out of it.

Can you give us any clues on future collaborations? 

Our girl, Binx, has already started designing a range for us that is launching in the second half of this year.  We've actually got a Liberty Art Fabrics range coming out in May. There's another globally influential blogger we're working with this summer. She's London based so its that much more exciting for us here in the UK. Last but not least, we didn't want men to feel left out, so there's a limited edition range with Edwin launching in summer.

Where do you shop and where do you eat in London? 

I love the cobbled streets of Seven Dials of Covent Garden, its accessories heaven! Restaurants, I really cannot choose just one at the moment but as the sun is slightly out I do love a good hang out by the pool at Shoreditch House.

How would you describe your personal style?

I am not one who can sit and pick an outfit the night before, I dress based on my mood. So it's all about picking up something that makes me feel good in the morning ­whether it be a burst of colour or a print overdose ( I do love a good mismatch print!).

Five items you can't live without?

Midnight Recovery Serum from Kiehl's- if you travel or get random dry patches in winter, its the perfect solution for it. Leaves my skin so soft.

Dead Sea Bath Salts ­ I get psoriasis, the only thing that stops the itching is a nice long soak with these.

Sunshine ­ I miss it!:)
Sunglasses. You never know when you need




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