Stalked: Aase Hopstock, Shoe Designer and Illustrator

10 April 2015

Aase Hopstock knows the way to many women's hearts is through their... Feet!! Yes this little lady is a shoe designer. I met Aase at London Fashion Week this year to talk about her passion for shoes and also her latest venture, fashion illustration. She has one of those blogs you just want to keep scrolling down and down and down! 

What do you do and what do you love about your job?

I'm a shoe designer and a fashion illustrator. As a shoe designer I adore both the the design and production process. To see your most precious ideas come to life ever season is immensely rewarding. I also love seeing the progression of my brand, feeling that each collection is better accomplished, and received, than the last, - that is a big deal. At the moment Im taking a season off to restructure, so this Fashion Week I'm focusing on my work as an Illustrator. I run an illustrated style blog called The Style Drawer, so LFW is like a candy store - my favourite times of year - when I'm spoilt for choice and I can revel in the excess of sartorial splendour. I adore seeing people making an effort to express themselves through aesthetics, it makes me really happy.

How would you describe your personal style? 

I'm all about the flamboyant, - I've never been big on minimalism.  I like loud colours and prints, textures and accessories, styled to express playful glamour and bold femininity. I always paint dots under my eyes and wear yellow eyeshadow to highlight my blue eyes, and bright red or pink lipstick. A great outfit should not only express who you are, but help enhance who you are.

 What's your favourite part of London Fashion Week? 

I must confess that what i look most forward to is the crowd, rather than the shows. Every year the number of beautiful outfits grow, and especially so when it comes to the gentlemen, i love that! The fabulous street style is proof that the fashion on show has a real effect on the people it's designed for, and as a designer, I see that as a big triumph for the industry. 

How does LFW help you with promoting your brand?

Normally I would exhibit my collection during LFW, as it brings some of the best buyers in the world, so it would be unthinkable not to take part. It's also a wonderful time to network and explore collaboration ideas, as well as gathering inspiration. As an illustrator, it's essential for meeting up with stylists and editors, as well as designers, and obviously to scan the crowd for material for my blog.

Who is the most exciting emerging designer you've come across this season? 

I think its a tie between Ashley Williams and Molly Goddard, both fantastically playful with amazing fabrics and textures.

Five items you can't live without? 

Maybelline 24hr superstay lipstick in 'red passion', Mac bright yellow eyeshadow, a mechanical pencil with 2H 0.35 led, A sketchbook, My black and gold Novelda shoes, the one's I'm wearing - they take me everywhere in both style and comfort.


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  1. love her whole look so much! great post btw.. enjoyed reading it x


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