Stalked: Hellen van Rees, Emerging Fashion Designer.

29 April 2015

Hellen van Rees is an emerging Dutch fashion designer, who graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins in 2012. Her designs play on textures and form, working with handmade tweeds inspired by the iconic Chanel tweed.

I caught up with her to talk about her latest collection and what she loves about designing...

How did you get into design and what do you love about your job?

As a child I was often drawing/making all sorts of things and in general fascinated by material. As I got older I started drawing more humans and got into fashion because of the diversity of it. It’s very creative, get to work with materials, both 2d and 3d and it’s quite technical as well which I like. I love creating something completely from scratch. So the process of creating a colour palette by grouping my knitting yarns in different ways, until I’m happy. Then starting to work on textures and contrast to create a complete textiles story for the collection (usually influenced by works of art or something else I came across and photographed) While working on the textiles I usually get ideas for garments which I research further by collecting imagery of certain time periods, or architecture. Then gradually building the collection until it is finished that’s the nice part. The production, management, pricing, pr, administration, etc, etc, is also fine, but I don’t love doing that

Stalked: Dee Kurttekin, Marketing Manager, Superga

27 April 2015

I met the lovely Dee on a cold morning a few weeks ago for a walk along the river and to discuss her very interesting role for the popular shoe brand Superga, who are making waves within the industry with their strategy for collaborations.

 What do you do and what's the funniest part of your job? 

I am the Marketing Manager for Superga in the UK. My job involves working with our social and PR agencies on a day - to - day basis to make sure all our communications are aligned and we're working towards our strategy, looking into potential collaborations, supporting our retail Stores and e-commerce ­ we've opened up 3 new stores since the start of the year, including Bath, Guildford and Notting Hill, so its been a busy time for us.  The funniest part of my job I would say are the people I work with. No matter what job you do, you end up spending more time with people at work than anyone else in your life so it really helps having funny, passionate colleagues.  We always have a good laugh around our table!

Stalked: Anja Humljan, Photographer

22 April 2015

Recently I stumbled across a stunning photographic series by Anja Humljan, titled Urban Yoga. In this series she looks at how the human body can manipulate itself into the most beautiful forms and if you place these forms against the harsh cold background of the city, then you have something truly spectacular.

I caught up with Anja on her work and her latest book, Urban Yoga, which is all about this incredible series. 

What do you love about photography and your job?

I am exploring the magic of space that centres on human experience, inspiring others to look at the world around them in a more meaningful way: re-examining how their bodies inhabit urban places, breathing new human-oriented life into the efficient and industrial world of urban architecture and design. The role of an architect is not only to build structures, but also to build bridges between our respected field and the citizens who use our structures on a daily basis. I am doing this with The Urban Yoga. It is not yoga as such, but an architectural experiment, a movement changing the way we experience everyday situations if we focus on our body and senses. It is inviting citizens to smell, touch, taste, see and hear in order to experience, how does their city feel. Thus, it is challenging architects to design architecture that is not only visually and technologically stunning, but is designed with humans in mind. Therefore, the word yoga in the name of the project: Just like in yoga, where your body becomes your special space, every urban environment designed with humans in mind can become a source of positive energy, a place of self-reflection and self-realization. A place that brings you back to the world and towards your own sense of being.

Image: New York ­- Jaka Vinsek

Stalked: Zadie Xa, Artist

20 April 2015

Zadie Xa is a London based Canadian artist whose work explores identity, desire and personal fantasy. After completing an MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art 2014, Zadie now shows her work in renowned galleries such as Studio Voltaire. I caught up with her at her latest exhibition to talk about her work and love for fashion.

Why did you decide to be an artist?

I became interested in making art at around 7 years old and kept up with it throughout my teenage years. I had always toyed with the idea of becoming an artist when I was very young but it wasn´t until I was 19 and started my BFA that I really set my mind on pursuing a career in fine art. There was never a definitive reason that motivated me to become an artist, rather it was my excitement about making objects and investigating ideas through visual cues that made me think, okay, I can do this. 

Stalked: Sarah Smart, Illustrator

15 April 2015

Illustration is an intriguing artform that is getting ever more popular by the day. With big brands incorporating it into their latest advertising campaigns and adorning lavish event invitations with it, everyone seems to be getting excited about this some say archaic artform. Sarah Smart is the very talented illustrator that has an impressive client list such as; Harvey Nichols, Stella McCartney & Instyle, as well as Olay and ITV. I caught up with her for a walk along the river Thames to talk art and fashion, and where illustration is set to go in the future. 

Why did you decide to become an illustrator? 
They say do what you love and love what you do. For me that's always been drawing. From Fashion Wheel at an early age, skipping sport for the art room at school and then studying Illustration at Uni, it's fair to say I've always loved and gotten lost in it. I tried out jobs in magazines after leaving Uni but wasn't satisfied and so always went back to the drawing board (excuse the pun!)

April Treat: Something Silky

13 April 2015

In February I told you all about my new years resolution which is to spend more on one or two items for my wardrobe that I really love, rather than something which is on trend and from the high-street that will keep my style attention for all of a month!! So I'm doing a year long blog feature on what I'm spending my monthly pay cheque on each month.... 

We had a little break in March, as I may have purchased a little plane ticket to the South of France but for April i'm back on it!! My treat for April is all things soft and silky, please may I introduce Marina London.. one of my favourite brands and one I always go to when I get some dosh in!!

These are the two little beauties I've treated myself with for this month!

 First of all her classic 'VIRGIN SHIRT'

Stalked: Aase Hopstock, Shoe Designer and Illustrator

10 April 2015

Aase Hopstock knows the way to many women's hearts is through their... Feet!! Yes this little lady is a shoe designer. I met Aase at London Fashion Week this year to talk about her passion for shoes and also her latest venture, fashion illustration. She has one of those blogs you just want to keep scrolling down and down and down! 

What do you do and what do you love about your job?

I'm a shoe designer and a fashion illustrator. As a shoe designer I adore both the the design and production process. To see your most precious ideas come to life ever season is immensely rewarding. I also love seeing the progression of my brand, feeling that each collection is better accomplished, and received, than the last, - that is a big deal. At the moment Im taking a season off to restructure, so this Fashion Week I'm focusing on my work as an Illustrator. I run an illustrated style blog called The Style Drawer, so LFW is like a candy store - my favourite times of year - when I'm spoilt for choice and I can revel in the excess of sartorial splendour. I adore seeing people making an effort to express themselves through aesthetics, it makes me really happy.

Stalked: Marcelle Joseph, Independent Curator and Author

7 April 2015

Curator and supporter of young designers, Marcelle Joseph, is a well known face on both the art and fashion scenes. Having begun her career in law Marcelle chose to leave this industry to pursue her passion in the arts and is now a highly respected curator, running projects at interesting pop up locations around London. Her love for young creatives also extends to the fashion industry by supporting emerging designers and in result has a killer wardrobe to accompany that passion! 

I caught up with Marcelle while wandering around Studio Voltaire to see the latest exciting young female artists in which the gallery is supporting. 

Why did you decide to start Marcelle Joseph Projects and how do you pick your artists and projects?

After toiling away for over a decade as a corporate lawyer at a mega firm with over 700 lawyers worldwide, I went back to study Art Business at Christie’s.  After finishing this degree, I wanted to do something entrepreneurial and curatorial and shied away from working for a large gallery or auction house.  Founding my own roving projects company gave me the opportunity to work with a myriad of artists from emerging artists discovered at their MA degree shows to established artists such as Sir Howard Hodgkin and Louise Bourgeois.  Given that I work nomadically, I first have to find the venue for an exhibition and then a curatorial construct if it is not a solo presentation.  At that point, I can pick the artists according to the exhibition theme.  I am always visiting gallery and museum exhibitions in London and endeavour to go to at least one international art fair each year.  This year, it is Frieze New York in May after visiting Artissima in Torino last year and Art Brussels in 2013.  Seeing so much art develops the eye and I try to stay true to my own eye and love to make discoveries, giving young artists their first solo shows in London.

Stalked: Alexei Obolensky, Founder and Director, Wasted Talent

3 April 2015

Alexei, is the founder and director of a very special agency. The type of agency that gets this Stalker extremely excited because it's all about supporting young talented individuals and as my regular readers know, championing young emerging designers is one of my loves and the reason I am still blogging now! 
Wasted Talent is an agency that Alexei and his partner started not so long ago, specialising in growing young entrepreneurs and creatives with their fountain of knowledge and expertise. From sales and distribution, marketing & PR , design consultancy to creative content, they help to build their clients strategies and grow their brands like they were their own. They also stationed themselves in the most of divine areas of the world to do this.... South West of France!

I caught up with Alexei when I popped to see what the lovely Daisy Knights had created for her AW15 collection at Somerset House. 

Tell me all about Wasted Talent and how did you get into it? 

Wasted Talent is a 360 degree agency with our roots in surfing but our minds on the global stage based out of South West France. We nurture and grow projects that we believe in, whether that be for individuals that we manage or brands that we believe have got the legs to succeed in Europe but need a platform to grow from. My partner and I got into it by seeing so much fragmentation, incompetence and waste in the sector of the industry we are in, yet there being so much potential we really wanted to create something that pulls it all together, and here we are. 

Stalked: Carmen Manzano, A Textile Student With Fabulous Style

1 April 2015

 I met the lovely Carmen during London Fashion week as she running from show to show blogging for Modices, the Brazilian blog. This little lady has a wonderful sense of unique style, punk rock mixed with 70s chic, and that hair .. oh you can't help but love this girl! More excitingly is that she is not just another blogger (says me!) but is in fact at the beginning of her career in fashion. Carmen is a Textile student, what route she will take in this industry is a mystery at the moment!!

Who is the most exciting emerging designer you've come across this season?

I died for Faustine Steinmetz!

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