LFW: Gyunel AW15 Show

3 March 2015

Gyunel is no doubt one of my favourite shows during London Fashion Week. An emerging designer all the way from Azerbaijan, sets her latest collection under the grand ceilings of Bloomsbury Ballrooms, the perfect location for this mystical show!

For AW15 Gyunel tells the story of a post apocalyptic survivor desperately clinging on to memories of her past. Holding these memories strong and as the main theme of the collection, we travel through Gyunel’s childhood in and out of famous novels and her vivid youthful imagination. 

Gyunel says ‘For this collection I was inspired by mythical stories of my past from novels rich in adventure and creativity. With this I have created a strong, unique and inspirational collection that pushes the conventional boundaries, something that I strive to do season on season.’

This is one of the emerging designers which you will notice popping up quite a lot on Style StreetStalker, as I will be stalking every collection of hers and interviewing her on her latest news. So watch this space !


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